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5 Brilliant Makeup Tricks for Looking Great in Photos

Whether you want to look good in real life or have a more polished look in your online content, makeup can help you get that glow. is a good place to buy quality makeup.  They have a wide range of products, such as cream foundation, furnishing cream, and concealer. People of all genders have used makeup to change their appearance to a certain degree.

This has only escalated today, with makeup artists all over social media experimenting with different kinds of surreal looks, and special effects makeup being popularized for the film industry. On the other hand, people on social media have discovered that certain makeup techniques can help them look better on camera, either by smoothing out their skin or minimizing or maximizing certain features. 

Let’s take a look at what some of these makeup tricks are. 

1. Avoid Texture 

With camera quality improving day by day, your pores and all the imperfections on your skin are brought front and center in any photo. Of course, you can use tools like Facetune to get rid of soem of the texture, but makeup products made to have a smoothing effect on your skin are highly recommended as well. 

When doing your makeup, go for something high coverage or smooth and apply it using a high-quality makeup sponge. Use a good mattifying primer (more on that later) and make sure your skin is moisturized. On a greater level, always make sure your skin is well taken care of, and keep up with your skincare routine. 

If your natural skin is in good condition, makeup will work better and look better on you. 

2. Go Matte 

Cameras make your face look shiny, and dewey makeup is never a good look for a photoshoot. You should also avoid highlighting your t zone (your forehead and yoru nose) with any illuminating procuts, and isnetad go for a matter finish. 

Do this with the help if mattifying products that are right for your skin type, and make sure the lighting isn’t harsh. Soft, natural light is the best bet unless you’re going for a harsh effect in your photos. It helps your face look matte and it even makes your skin look soft. 

Pairing matte makeup with soft lighting, however, will give the perfect results. 

3. Look at the Time 

You might be wondering what time has to do with makeup and photography, but bear with us. Glitters, gloss, and shimmery makeup is best when you’re out in the sunset or have an evening party to attend to, and it can be a great and striking option for a night out at the club. 

However, you might want to hold back on the glitter if you’re going somewhere you’ll be expected to stay in the sun for a while, like a wedding or a graduation ceremony out in the open. The same goes for lunches at rooftop restaurants and backyard events, which seem to be much more common now in the age of the Coronavirus. 

The glitter will only make it harder for you to be photographed, and you should definitely leave all the dramatic makeup for nighttime. Go for something soft, matte, and simpel during the day. 

4. Be Smart About Contour 

When you’re getting ready for a night out, be it a night at the club or an after-hours photoshoot, you’re most probably going to be photographed using flash. This can make your face look bigger than it actually is, which you should keep in mind when you’re doing your makeup. 

Go a bit overboard and give your face harsh, dramatic angles for the night. If you want to be sure the photos turn out good, turn the lights off and take a photo with the flash on your camera to see how you look. It might feel very overboard at home, but you’ll thank yourself later when you look at the photos the next morning. 

5. Eyes and Lips 

These two features are incredibly important when it comes to photos, and you might want to make some changes in your makeup routine to accommodate them when you’re getting ready to take some photos. 

Avoid black eyeliner since it can look pretty sharp and harsh in photos, and go for a brown one instead. At the same time, make sure your eyes are clear and highlighted well in your photos with the help of proper makeup and subtle techniques that lift them up without overwhelming the whole face and taking the focus off the actual eyes. 

You can also make your lips look bigger if they tend to not look that way in photos, and use some gloss to give your lips a plumping effect. This is probably the only part of your face where you can get away with using gloss, even when the rest of it is matte.