What to Consider While Buying Folding Chair Covers?

One of the best and most convenient ways to add extra seating in your home is by adding covers for your folding chairs. This method will provide you with extended use, and you can store them easily when not in use. You will also get covers which are very stylish and made using good quality fabric that would last for a long time. When buying covers you need to consider the following factors:

Material: To find covers which are made from high quality material you need to take care of following points:

  • The fabric should be able to withstand regular wear and tear
  • The covers should be resistant against shrinking and stretching
  • The covers should have smooth flow of air so that mosquitoes and other insects cannot penetrate inside
  • The covers should be resistant against water as they will get dirty several times throughout the year.


The covers which you buy should be able to last for a long time as this is something that would be used several times during different seasons. You need to make sure that covers can withstand tough weather conditions and are highly durable.


Covers come in a wide range of styles, and you need to find covers based on your requirements. There are covers available with simple style, covers available with designer look, covers made from good quality material etc. You also need to choose the color of covers according to your décor or according to the season or else you may have problems matching it up later on. When buying covers based on style and material, you should also take care of the durability factor as covers which are made from high quality material can also be expensive.


Covers come at different price point. If you want covers for occasional use then you can buy covers which are not costly; however if covers will be used frequently then it is better to invest in covers that are highly durable and stylish. One more thing that contributes to prices is designs and fabric used for covers; higher end covers have intricate prints and designs with excellent finishing. These types of covers may cost a little extra but they can add unmatched elegance to your interiors.

Purchasing covers: 

You can buy covers from both online and local stores. When buying covers from local store you need to make sure that covers are available in different sizes and it is better if covers come with warranty. If covers for folding chairs do not fit properly then you will have issues while storing them; therefore, it is very important that covers should be well fitted according to the shape and size of your chair. There are several brands in market which produce excellent quality covers like Covers and Skirting etc.; thus, when buying covers make sure to choose well-reputed brands.

Tips While Using Folding Chair Covers: 

  • If covers are used frequently then they will get dirty so here are some tips that can help you out:
  • You can use covers along with covers for storage boxes as covers available in market are not friendly with moisture
  • You need to make sure that covers are not pressed against closed doors as this could stretch covers out of shape; therefore, if covers are kept inside cupboard make sure that door is pushed open at least two inches
  • If covers get wet then you should immediately wipe it dry otherwise water will seep into fabric and cause mildew or stains


Folding chair covers offer extended use which means they can be used during different seasons. They will protect your chairs from dust and you can store them away after using it. You need to take care of certain factors while buying covers like, durability, style etc.; however covers are very helpful in maintaining your furniture. It is not necessary to use covers every time you store them away for winter or summer, but covers will help you against dust that can cause damage to chairs over a period of time. If covers are used frequently then they need to be replaced regularly; therefore it is better to go with covers which are high on durability factor.