5 Fun Ways to Enjoy Live Music

Listening to live music is one of the most fun activities to do. It’s an activity that’s amazing to do with friends, but going solo is also an option. There are a lot of artists that put a lot of effort into their live shows, creating a unique experience for their fans. There are several ways you can enjoy live music; in this blog we’ll give 5 examples.

  • A concert

The most obvious answer is a concert. Concerts come in many different forms and shapes, mostly depending on the artists’ popularity. If an artist is very big, they will probably not tour as often as smaller artists. This is because they’re less dependent on live shows for their income. Most big artists will book the biggest venue available in a country to perform their live shows in; smaller artists might be more likely to book a smaller venue. It’s up to you which one of these you prefer, but we suggest trying to see one of your favourite artists in a small venue, as this can create a very intense atmosphere. 

  • A festival

If you want to dedicate an entire weekend (or even longer) to live music, festivals are great. As soon as the summer starts, many festivals take place all over the world. Each festival has their own things going for them: of course every one of them has a unique line-up, but the overall atmosphere of every festival is different as well. Most festivals have some kind of theme to them, which makes every festival a unique experience. Try to find out what festival has the best line-up for you, and experience an amazing weekend with your friends. 

  • A bar

If you enjoy live music in every way, it might be fun to go see some live music in a bar. The artists playing in these bars are often not very big, and use the bar as their first stepping stone to a musical career. At a bar you give yourself the opportunity to enjoy live music, while enjoying a drink or playing pool with some friends. Who knows: maybe you’ll discover the new Ed Sheeran in your local bar! 

  • A casino

Music might not be the first thing that comes into your mind when you’re thinking of a casino, but there’s often a band playing live music in casinos as well. This way you can enjoy some nice music, while enjoying yourself at several high volatility games with friends. Are you going to go all in, or are you just there for the live music? 

  • Throw a theme party!

There’s almost nothing that’s as fun as a theme party, so why not throw your own? The theme you should go for? Live music! Place screens all over your house, and play videos of your favourite artists playing live shows on these. You can go all in, and dedicate every room in your house to a different artist, creating your own festival. You can make this party entirely yours, but you can also give others the opportunity to play artists. This way you can even find out some cool, new artists you might not have heard of yet.