Best Gaming Headphones with Microphone

To create an ideal setting for playing and choose a favorite console, one must select the most suitable accessories. Besides great audio quality, the most convenient gaming headset should have an impressive soundstage and realistic surround sound, making the user feel like he or she is actually in the gameplay. The headphones must also be comfortable to use, and since this is gaming territory, it is necessary to have a custom RGB backlight. Based on these criteria, we have selected the top gaming headsets of 2021 people can buy for the gratifying gaming process.

How to choose optimal gaming headphones

The best gaming headphones with a microphone in 2021 should provide such features:

  • High-quality sound. The 7.1 or 5.1 function lets users hear authentic sounds.
  • The comfort of long-term use.
  • A variety of devices: levers, controls, buttons.
  • It should have a specialized microphone that will fully suppress external sounds.

There is a wide variety of decent headsets that have an attractive design and provide a high quality of sound output and input. If you are looking for the Best Gaming Headset under 100$ check out the information about the affordable modern headsets online. It is quite easy to find a selection of headphones for affordable prices now. 

HyperX Cloud II

This model was designed for a game with wonderful sound transmission. The headphone includes a hidden acoustics formation, which, combined with covered encircling ear pads, forms barriers for the audio propagation and guarantees decent sound isolation. Media content with a frequency of up to 25 thousand Hertz can be played. The 7.1 format mechanism ensures the creation of surround, enveloping sound.

The device manufacturers promise that the property of the transmitted audio signal will let users hear the sounds that may be elusive for other comparable devices. This feature will appeal to computer games fans. There is a movable microphone located in one of the cups. When not needed, it can be disconnected.


  • Equipped with a volume switch and effective noise reduction
  • The impedance of the headphones is 60 ohms
  • Replaceable ear pads included
  • They don’t pinch ears
  • Lightweight 


  • The remote is not convenient to use
  • Sometimes crackling noises can appear

Price: $90 and over.

Logitech G G533 Wireless

This popular headset supports Surround 7.1 sound technology. Model is released with full-size headphones in black color. The compact condenser microphone has a noise reduction function. It functions in the frequency range from 100 Hz to 20 kHz. The wireless headphones operate at a distance of up to 15 m. The membrane length of 32-ohm headphones with a sensitivity of 107 dB is 40 mm.

Logitech headphones reproduce the game world accurately, so gamers can effortlessly detect the enemy. By adjusting each audio channel’s volume, players can hear better. The material of the diffusers eliminates distortion, provides good sound at both high and low frequencies.


  • Lightweight – 350 grams
  • Removable battery with a battery life up to 15 hours
  • A microphone on a foldable holder with automatic shutdown
  • Perfect sound insulation
  • 2 sound formats


  • There is no extension cable for the USB receiver
  • Poor sound when listening to music

Price: $80 and over.

Corsair HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset

Headphones from Corsair guarantee convenience, the highest quality of sound, and the reliability required for gaming. Controlled plush ear pads with memory resolution guarantee a special comfort. The famous installation quality of durable metal components makes the headset strong. Specifically tuned 50 mm speakers made of neodymium recreate the sound of outstanding quality in a far-reaching spectrum.

The optimal microphone lessens the surrounding hum level to improve the voice’s sound quality and is simply disconnected for active use. This headset’s seasoned and evaluated speakers and microphone guarantee excellent connectivity without external interference and superb sound.


  • Good design
  • Soft and comfortable ear pads made of eco-leather
  • Powerful microphone


  • The wire is long enough

Price: $50 and over.

SteelSeries Arctis 5

These gaming headphones are among the most impressive achievements in the specialized market of gaming equipment. They are not loaded with chips – ergonomic design. The soft lines of the plastic frame perfectly match the colorful lighting on the cups’ outer part. Users can also adjust sparkle and to match their moods. The headset is versatile as it can be connected not only to a computer but also to any device with a USB or 3.5 mm micro-jack.

Moreover, it is very convenient to wear, as the structure does not exert almost any pressure on the ears or head. The headphones are equipped with new-generation dynamic neodymium magnet emitters. It’s easy to notice the accurate transmission of high and low frequencies. The pull-out microphone is a must-have for admirers of a lively game. It includes an intensive noise reduction feature.


  • Easy to use
  • Good build quality
  • Stylish lighting
  • A deep sound


  • A bit heavy

Price: over $70.

Redragon Lester

These front-line headphones have a fashionable scarlet-dark color palette design. The headset will appeal to eSports players, who will appreciate the design and the sound property of 50-mm emitters. Large ear pads block third-party buzz and have the highest plasticity. The headphones with a controlled headband are linked to the computer with a reinforced sound wire of 2 meters 20 centimeters.

The wire comprises two plugs for the 3.5 mm jack connector for headphones and a microphone’s separate inclusion. Built-in vibrant LED lighting, equipped with an external microphone, will allow gamers to communicate during online games in voice chat or coordinate operations via Internet telephony service.


  • The appearance is good, the design ensures convenience
  • The microphone is braided and in a silicone tube
  • Protection is good
  • The plugs hold firmly


  • Bulky wire
  • Specific design

 Price: $50 and over.


To wrap up, here is our selection. It is subjective, so any model from the article can be explored to make up an individual opinion on the best gaming headset PC. As it is too early to recap the results of 2021, we will continue to follow the new products and provide information about the most interesting ones.