5 Golden Rules – Having Peace of Mind Today

How many times do you find yourselves running through your morning breakfast or skipping it entirely simple because you’re stressed about reaching work in time? How many times have you agonized over the simplest of mistakes when a colleague pointed it out? We are running all the time trying to do one more thing in our busy lives. So much that we have forgotten how to enjoy life. While you may think some rest will solve this anxiety and stress, it won’t. What you need is some peace of mind. Enjoying life while you live through your regular schedules isn’t an impossible task! And you don’t need to make drastic changes in your life either. Some simple adjustments to your thinking are all you need. Here are five golden rules that can bring you contentment, happiness, and peace of mind.

Avoid Excess of Anything

An ideal life is one lived in balance and moderation. An excess of anything in life can lead to problems. When you pursue or attain something in excess, even if it’s a good thing, it can become a source of problems and suffering. In every aspect of life whether it is pursuing your career or relationships, or indulgence of any kind, when you do things in excess, it disrupts the balance of life. It is better to have things in reasonable proportions instead of passionate over-indulgence. It is important to find balance and harmony in your life in order to achieve peace of mind.

Make Peace with Fear and Anger

Fear and anger are two biggest enemies of peace of mind. They often drive your emotions and make you do foolish things. You need to let go of these emotions in order to relax your mind. Most people look for inner peace and yet are reluctant to let go of their past fear and anger. Face your fears and learn to accept them. The best way is to talk to people, learn more about letting go from others. You can also read inspirational books, attend conferences like acim conference, and meet people going through similar phases. To experience true peace of mind, it is important to make peace with both your fears and your anger.

Master Your Mind

As Lao Tzu said, “He who controls others may be powerful. But he who controls himself is mightier still”. Self-control and self-discipline is the best way to master your mind. Mind is the root cause of all temptations and distractions. When you train your mind to practice control and discipline it, you can control your own desires and check your ego. But mastering yourself also means learning your own strengths and weaknesses.

You can do this by cultivating an inner dialogue. Teachings of spiritual gurus, inspiring books like a course in miracles workbook, online conferences, etc. can help you learn how to get in tune with yourself.

Simple Living High Thinking

This simple rule can bring more clarity in your life than anything else. It is quite simple to understand too. Simple living refers to living a simple way of life without any excess. Living a balanced and proportioned life can help you get rid of material temptations and attachments. However, along with a simple life, you should also try to cultivate high thinking. You need not become a scholar or learn the Bible by heart. All you need to do is develop positive thinking, try to be more kind, compassionate, and understanding in life. Self-discipline, self-motivation, and a balanced life are the ideals of this philosophy.

Accept and Love Yourself

Most problems we face arise from a lack of self-love. We are always taught to want more from ourselves, to strive for more. But we are never taught to love and accept ourselves just as we are. It is important to accept and love yourself in order to grow.

If you keep seeing your own faults and consider yourself unworthy, you’ll always feel pain. Instead you should highlight your good qualities and appreciate them. You should accept your own pain and suffering and learn to live with your flaws before you start improving. Self-love is the most important part of achieving peace of mind.

While most of us complain about our situation, not many are ready to take action to bring change. If you truly want to bring inner peace, you need to take action and make the necessary changes in your life to do so.

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