5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Playlist For A Fashion Show

Whether it’s your show or not, if you’re the one in charge of choosing the music for a fashion show, you might be a little stressed out about the endeavor. Music can play a huge role in how someone experiences an event, so whether you’re choosing a playlist for a move or a fashion show, there are many things you’ll need to consider. To take a little of the weight off your shoulders, here are five things to consider when putting together the playlist for models to strut to. 


The first thing you’ll want to consider when deciding on songs for the playlist is the demographic you’re catering to. A high school fashion show audience, for example, is going to be much different than that of Fashion Week in London or Paris. Know who will be attending the show and choose music that is appropriate both for your audience and for the fashion you’ll be showcasing. 


Many songs are licensed in such a way that they are not allowed to be used in any capacity without permission. Before you get your heart set on an artist or song, do your research to make sure you won’t get yourself into any legal trouble by playing a licensed song. Setting aside some room in your budget for licensing fees may also be a good idea. 


Of course, at a fashion show, one of the most important things is the fashion itself! Being aware of the style of clothing the models are wearing will help you to make a better playlist. If they are dressed mainly in dark colors, for example, choosing cheerful and upbeat songs for your playlist may not be the right vibe.

Song Length

Much like dancing, models will need to practice walking the stage with the songs they will be walking to during the show. This is because it will look best if they stop and turn at certain points in the songs, and they’ll need to get their timing right. When making the playlist, keep song length in mind. If each model will only be on stage for a short amount of time, you’ll probably want to stay away from choosing long songs. 


Make sure you have a firm understanding of the mood this particular runway show is going for before focusing on creating your playlist. If the show is a charity event benefiting female empowerment, it would be in poor taste to choose songs that talk about harming women. Pay attention to the lyrics in songs and to avoid distractions even choose songs with fever or no lyrics at all. 

Making playlists for events like fashion shows can be fun and exciting but also a little stressful. Hopefully the tips above will help!