What ATV Gear Your Kids Need To Wear & Why

Quad biking is an incredibly enjoyable experience, whether you are competing or just doing it for recreational purposes. Once you’ve found the right ATV for your kids, the next step is to ensure they have the correct equipment to keep them safe. There are lots of kids ATV gear on the market and understanding what exactly your kids need can be confusing. Below are the things you need to know about ATV accessories for kids.


This is the single most important piece of ATV gear for kids, without a doubt. Your children should never operate an ATV without wearing a good quality helmet. By law, wearing a helmet is a must for anyone riding an ATV. There is no question that helmets save lives, so stress the importance of this with your kids when teaching them about quad bikes. You should always purchase a helmet which meets the correct safety standards.


There are plenty of kids quads for sale you can check out and while looking for the right one, purchase other accessories that you’ll need when riding. The best thing to protect their eyes and give them clear vision is goggles. Riding a quad bike without good quality goggles is foolish and it should never be encouraged. When you ride an ATV off-road, all sorts of debris will hop up from the surface. Anything from mud to stones can damage your eyes if you don’t wear protective goggles.


This is another essential item you should never go riding without. You need to protect your hands from the elements and from branches that sometimes scratch or cut your hands and fingers. In addition to protecting your hands, gloves also offer the rider better grip. If your child can grip the handlebars better, he or she will have more control over the quad bike. Gloves protect the hands during and after a ride.

Body Armour

This should be on your list of essentials when buying protective gear for kids who enjoy quad biking. Although you can ride without them, they help protect your ribs. As your kids get more adventurous, they’ll take more risks. If they fall off the bike, they could damage their ribs if they have no protection. Body armour also protects your ribs from hitting the handlebars when you stop unexpectedly. Most people don’t think a padded vest is essential, but the more safety equipment you have, the better.


Your kids will need a good pair of boots, something that is durable and waterproof. The rest of your children’s clothing should be tight fitting, as loose clothes tend to get caught in bushes and other objects. A pair of denim jeans and a long-sleeved top will protect them from the elements. If you’d like them to look the part, you can purchase ATV or motocross clothing from an online store.

You’ll find plenty of great ATV/quad bike websites where you can purchase good quality accessories for your child. If you plan on buying them a quad bike, make sure it is a kid model, so they can easily learn to ride. In addition, go through the list above and dress your children in the right protective gear when riding. It ensures enjoyment and keeps them safe.