The Actors That Most Guys Want to Look Like

Men never stop having role models.

You start out as a kid who wants to dunk like Kobe or skate like Crosby. But as you age, your goals shift to wanting to get jacked like Jason Momoa or dress suave like David Beckham.

You tell your physical trainers which celebrity build you’re shooting for and you show your FUE transplant experts pictures of who you want to look like. You never outgrow the act of using someone else as your blueprint for success.

With that in mind, these 3 men represent the different blueprints that modern guys are shooting for.

The Dapper Guy: Daniel Craig

Craig put on the legendary Bond tuxedo and quickly became the new icon of distinguished cool. That being said, he needed a much larger jacket than his predecessors.

The James Bond of yesterday was fit, but very trim. When the series was rebooted, producers knew that they needed an actor that looked like he could defeat henchmen with his bare fists. They got Daniel Craig and Craig got more jacked than ever.

Craig is muscular, without being monstrous. He is also a good example for guys looking to see how buff dudes should wear a suit. His short and neat haircut is also the perfect example of how to style thin hair.

The Rugged Guy: Chris Hemsworth

Marvel’s God of Thunder personifies casual-surfer-cool when he’s not on the red carpet. He can often be found in casual t-shirts and jeans, but his outfits are still very stylish.

Hemsworth is a great fitness goal if you’re very tall and looking to add mass. He recently signed on to play the legendary Hulk Hogan in a biopic and it will be interesting to see how much of the Hulk’s bulk he can add for the role.

The Regular Guy: Chris Pratt

The way Pratt switches from casual to formal is admirable. It’s also surprisingly attainable for the average guy. His style is a great example of how good you can look with a strong capsule wardrobe full of simple staples.

Pratt also represents the perfect fitness goal for average-sized guys. He burst onto the scene as the loveable-but-doughy Andy on Parks and Rec. But he got in great shape to portray major league baseball player Scott Hatteberg in Moneyball, and then got insanely ripped to play the Star-Lord in Guardians of The Galaxy.

He says the secret to his build is a combination of diet, weights, and hitting the heavy bag. His before-and-after pictures will make you want to look up the different types of liposuction. But his journey from schlubby every-guy to superhero is actually pretty attainable through simple diet and exercise.

You will probably never stop wanting to be able to play like Kobe, but your idols tend to change as you age. So, if you find yourself Googling a celebrity’s workout tips or outfits, you’re far from alone.

In fact, you will probably look great because of it.