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6 Weave Hairstyles To Try For 2022

Most women struggle with sitting down for hours to get their hair done just to cost a ridiculous amount of money. And since many people love experimenting with different styles, colors, and lengths, weave amassed great admiration for its versatility.  

Weaves are sewn onto your braided hair to increase the thickness, length, and color. It also helps weaves that are relatively prized and take less time and effort to install, making them convenient.   

More women have started embracing weaves and wigs as they are the most accessible protective styles that last longer and are easier to maintain. In recent years, the weave industry is up 13% from 2020, making it a preferred style among different aged women.  

If you have thinning hair and are obsessed with specific hair colors, you can have a weave sewn in with the color you love without using chemicals. Below are some weave hairstyles that are a must-try for 2022:

Curly Weaves

A curly weave’s entire hair strand body twists into a dense curl. You will need to consider hair color, curl preference, and cost during the choice process. Curly weaves come in two textures, human hair, including Brazilian or Cambodian, and synthetic ones.  

Although you may want to save by getting synthetic hair, consider splurging on human hair weaves. These weaves come from natural hair, and they last longer and have a more natural look to them.  

In addition, you can style human hair easily without emitting a burnt plastic smell. Find a reputable brand that sells quality hair extensions that won’t frizz and last long. Choose preferred curls from a wide range that includes loosely curled weaves and kink curled ones with your preferences in mind.

Pixie Cut Weave

Pixie cut styles have cropped hair into prize layers that create a tousled effect. Getting a pixie cut can be a significant commitment that most women don’t want to take. As a result, getting a pixie cut weave installed offers a great solution as your natural hair remains safe.  

You can have a professional stylist install copper pixie bowl weave, tapered bob, pixie mohawk, curly pixie cut, and pixie cut with bangs.  

Your pixie cut sew-in can last somewhere between four to six weeks if you take great care of it. And with a pixie cut weave being a protective style, your natural hair can get a break from heat and chemicals that makes it thrive.  

Barrel Curls Weave

Barrel weaves are oversized, loose, or spirals, unlike curly weaves with tight curls. Barrels curls weave adds a voluminous touch that leaves you feeling glamourous. This type of weave can be styled differently, with a middle part and a deep side part being the most loved.  

You can also achieve a barrel curl weave with a straight human hair weave. Start by dampening your hair and adding in a heat protectant. Next, separate into three sections and heat the curling iron for style to desired barrel shape size.

Bob Weave

Bob weave are sew-in that vary from neck to shoulder length to create a sleek look. To get a bob weave, ensure that your natural hair undergoes treatment and cornrows installation aren’t tight. Bob weaves are a great choice that can last for a long time, and your hair will grow without damage. Some great choices may include layered body wave that offers volume and movement for a glam look. Alternatively, choose a quick weave that helps you save time and money to look fabulous.

Straight Weaves

Straight weaves are usually low maintenance as you won’t have to spend a lot of time styling your hair. You can quickly achieve a refined look without subjecting your hair to heat from blow dryers, curling irons, hot rollers, and flat iron. Long straight weaves also give you a chance to experiment with a range of styles that best show your personality.

A-Line Bob Weave

The A-line Bob Weaves trend has successfully moved into 2022, with people of all ages rocking it in different designs and colors. This style will make you stand out from the crowd and is flattering for all face shapes.  

The weave’s front part is usually more prolonged and straighter, with the back being considerably shorter. This bobs angle starts at the back of your neck then heads straight down between the chin and shoulders. As a result, it enhances your best facial features by framing your face.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, opt for a human hair weave that may be pricier but long-lasting. You can get a straight long weave and style it into different hairstyles by giving it tight curls, barrel curls, and straight curls. Remember to take care of your weave, and you can use products that contain castor oil to keep it shiny and maintain the strands. By taking good care of it, your weaves will not only last long but be affordable in the long run.