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The Five Best Cambodian Hair Weave For Black Women To Wear

With more advancement in the living standards of the people, the fashion industry has gained a lot of popularity as well because people have started paying more attention to how they look like. This gives them a sense of approval in society.

With a lot of beauty products being introduced in the market, hair weaves are also much demanded these days. They are considered an absolute item of necessity for a lot of ladies around the globe.

Although the Brazilian and Chinese hair weave is much more demanded by women, the Cambodian hair weave is also gaining much popularity nowadays.

Read on below to find out what is Cambodian hair weave and why are they in demand nowadays.

What Is Cambodian Hair?

Cambodian hair is acquired from Cambodia. The ladies in Cambodia give their hair in exchange for money at any salon, unlike other countries where most women donate their hair for some social cause.

The Cambodian hair weave is much in demand because of its wonderfully smooth texture and the radiance. You can treat them just like your own hair. All types of Cambodian hair weave are available in a virgin form which is another reason for its popularity.

Cambodian hair has a thick texture. Although thick, the hair is not all unpleasant or rough. They have a great deal of volume and shine. They are available in almost all types of textures such as straight, wavy, and Curly. Despite their heavy volume, they are surprisingly light.

The Cambodian hair can even survive in the warm weather and you can even dye them without damaging their natural texture. This makes the maintenance of Cambodian hair very easy and effortless. Also, they are very durable so you can use them as long as you want!

Why Are Cambodian Hair Popular Among Black Women?

Cambodian Curly Hair

According to many reports, the Cambodian hair is very much demanded by black women because they are available in a huge variety. The majority of the customers of the Cambodian hair weave are black women because they are more concerned about the weaves which offer them protective hairstyles. So, what better option do they have than the Cambodian hair weave?

They are available in almost all hair patterns which makes them extremely sought-after hair for black women. Another reason for their popularity among black women is the smooth and thick hair texture which they have to offer to them.

What Are The Benefits Of The Cambodian Hair Weave?

The Cambodian hair weave is gaining much popularity in the market because of the benefits it has to offer. Let’s check out some of them below.

Virgin Hair

Women in Cambodia do not process their hair in any way which is why the hair weave made from the Cambodian hair is completely unprocessed and natural. Thus, it is completely safe to wear Cambodian hair weaves.

Easy To Style

The main reason behind wearing a hair weave is to form different hairstyles from it. Since the Cambodian hair is in virgin form, you can easily give them any styling that you want, and they will adhere to it.


The life span of the Cambodian hair is very long. Thus, you can keep your hair weave for as long as you want if you take good care of it!

Available In All Textures

The Cambodian hair is available in a wide range of hair texture which goes from straight, wavy and curly! So you can choose whichever hair texture you want for yourself.


You will be shocked to find out that with all these qualities, the price of the Cambodian hair is extremely low and anyone can afford it!

How To Choose The Best Cambodian Hair Weave?

Many people are selling Cambodian hair weaves these days so it might confuse you when you go out to buy one! But, worry no more. These tips will help you in selecting the best Cambodian hair weave for yourself.

  • Make sure that the supplier from which you are buying the weave has a good reputation in the market. You surely do not want to be a victim of fraud!
  • If possible, go to the store and check out all the Cambodian hair weaves yourself to find out which one would suit you.
  • Before buying the weave, make sure that your Cambodian hair weave has a thick texture and high volume. If not, then the hair weave is not original.
  • Also, check that it is light because the most distinguishing characteristic of the Cambodian hair weave is its lightness.

The Top 5 Cambodian Hair Weaves Available

Although there are many hair weaves available, but the top five Cambodian hair extensions are mentioned below.

3 Bundles Virgin Straight Cambodian Hair With Closure

Cambodian Hair Straight 3 Bundles With 4x4 Lace Closure

This hair weave has a straight texture and is made from cent percent virgin hair. It comes with Virgin Straight Mongolian Hair 3 Bundles and 1 piece of closure. You can dye this weft in any color you want since it’s in raw form!

Body Wave Cambodian Hair With 4×4 Closure

Cambodian Body Wave Hair 3 Bundles With 4x4 Closure

Fully made from human virgin hair, this hair weave is completely wavy. It is double weft with a machine and can be dyed as well.

Human Cambodian Hair Wigs With Bangs

Cambodian Hair Machine Made Wigs With Bang For Women

With the hair texture of straight bob with bangs, this hair weave has a short length. It is made by machine and anyone can wear it. You can even dye it in any color of your choice.

#2 Color Cambodian Remy Hair With Lace Closure

Cambodian Hair #2 Color Body Wave 3 Bundles With Lace Closure

Comes with three pieces of wefts and one piece of closure, the hair texture of these weaves is wavy. It is weft in a machine and made from completely raw human hair.

Exotic Cambodian Water Wave Hair 3 Bundles

Cambodian Water Wave Hair 3 Bundles

With the texture of water wave and completely unprocessed hair used in its making, they are double weft with a machine and can be dyed according to the preferences.

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