7 Outfit Ideas That Go Well With Dr Martens

Boots will remain staple footwear in the shoe industry due to the many benefits. Because of its height, it provides more ankle cushioning and support. You can be prone to sprains and strains, whether hiking or taking long walks. However, both can be prevented when you wear durable and comfortable shoes. Among the many renowned brands of boots and shoes is Dr. Martens.  

Originally Doc Martens boots were intended to support hardworking employees and employers, preventing slips and other hazards. Fast forward to today, these boots offer fashion and stylish uses. If you fancy wearing chunky-soled shoes, there are many ways to incorporate these boots into your weekly outfits. 

Here are some outfit ideas that you can style with Doc Martens shoes:

  • Denim On Denim 

Have you ever wondered whether you can wear denim over denim? The answer is a short yes, and the proof for this trend dates back to the early 2000s. Many famous artists and models in the past rocked using a denim jacket paired with denim jeans. And if you’re wondering what pair of shoes to go for, the perfect pair would be your Dr. Martens boots. Moreover, you can avoid a double denim nightmare by following some denim-on-denim rules.

Some fashion-forward people feel that this fashion sense doesn’t work wonders. However, when done right, the result can be fashionably incredible. Wearing a pair of lace-up Docs with double denim can be tricky, but the look becomes classic and relaxed as long as everything works together. The key is to pull off the entire look by choosing the right kind of denim fabrics and wearing your boots to look stunning. 

  • All Black Outfit 

Another outfit idea is to go all black. Black monochrome looks never go out of style. Go through your wardrobe and find some black pieces to create this outfit. It could be a black shirt and black pants. You can consider wearing a black leather jacket if you’re out for the night. Lastly, to complete the look, lace up your Dr. Martens boots. This outfit can be your safest bet when wanting to look cool but chic at the same time. 

Black is a color that exudes elegance, and a pair of Doc Martens shoes is just about enough to spark some flair in your all-black outfit. You can choose to wear black boots or any other color that can be a contrast to black.

  • Office Wear 

Some people might not think of pairing office wear with some Doc Martens boots. However, the truth is you can actually rock this look. If you’re heading for work, wear a blazer that fits all occasions and your other smart casual clothes, like a pencil skirt and a blouse. Go for black Doc Martens boots to make it work on your office wear. You’ll be surprised by the fashionable result. You can earn compliments from your colleagues and even your boss for sure. 

  • Skinny Jeans 

You can’t go wrong with Doc Martens and skinny jeans. In other words, skinny jeans make the boots stand out. Finally, when they’re paired together, it creates the illusion of having legs for days. Thus, making you look taller and thinner.

Moreover, you can make the jeans look crisp and clean by tucking them into the boots. Whether you have dark denim skinny jeans or acid-washed ones, they’ll never fail to look great in your Dr. Martens shoes.

  • Maxi Dress 

A maxi dress is another unique outfit idea to pair with your Doc Martens. It’s about time to rock wearing boots with your floor-length dress. You can go for floral prints, flowy ones, or mono-colored dresses, as they all look great with your Doc Martens shoes. This is an excellent combination of sweet and cool.   

  • Tracksuit 

Recently, there has been a rise in Athleisure in the fashion industry. If you’re planning to rock sportswear, the best outfit to go for is a tracksuit. It’s an ultimate favorite for many people and both genders because they’re simply comfortable. Then, finish off this laid-back look with your Doc Martens shoes. They can be the perfect addition to make your tracksuit look cooler. Whether you’re basking in the sun or doing some errands, this outfit idea will make you look great and cute. 

  • Plaid Top Or Pants

Your Doc Martens boots also look great with plaid prints. Whether you have a plaid top or bottoms, this outfit idea can elevate your everyday look. The key is to match the plaid top or bottom with something plain. So if you’d go for a plaid top, wear plain pants. Likewise, if you want to wear plaid pants, get a plain shirt to match it with. Finally, don’t forget to lace up your favorite Doc Martens.


Whether you’re shopping for a new pair of Doc Martens or you currently own one, it’s best to know what outfits work great with them. You can begin by searching for some pieces mentioned above or purchasing quality items worth the splurge. Thanks to these high-quality shoes, you can recreate many different looks that range from cool to chic.