3 Wardrobe Items That Are Worth the Splurge

Wouldn’t it be nice if money were no object? Every well-targeted ad on Instagram could be just a few clicks away from a package that arrives next-day on your doorstep. We’d have an ensemble for every occasion—with shoes and accessories to match—never again flinging clothes from our closets in search of the perfect Outfit of the Day (OOTD).

*Sigh* That simply isn’t the reality most fashionistas live in; don’t let the seemingly endless array of attire fool you. Those gals are just better at cycling through basic staples and making them look new with each wear, or maybe they pay an arm and a leg for a clothing subscription service that allows them to borrow clothes on a monthly basis.

Most of us, though, are forced to shop on a budget. We wait for sales, we purchase used clothing on apps like Vinted or Poshmark, or at retailers like Buffalo Exchange. And while there’s certainly nothing wrong with shopping second-hand or sticking to the sale section, part of us, deep down, wishes we could browse our favorite racks in all their glory and spend whatever the price tag demands for items we simply have to have.

But there’s good news! If you’re tired of saving on style, or have thrifted past your heart’s content, there are definitely some wardrobe items that are worth the splurge! Here are XX examples of garments totally deserving of their price tag; pick ‘em out and prepare for that tingly rush of adrenaline you’ll feel when you swipe your card at checkout.

Indulge in Intimates

Sure, Valentine’s Day is around the corner and many of us are looking for the sexy panty to seal the deal. But what we’re about here is an investment into well-made intimates that will stand the test of time—not the lacey types that rip and unravel after the first or second wear.

Whether you’re shopping for bras or underwear, you should pick out products made with ultra-comfortable fabric that will keep you feeling at your best all-day long. If you’ve worn bra straps that cut into your shoulders, wires that dig into your ribs, or elastic waistbands that suffocate, then you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Your intimates should be lightweight and breathable to the point that you’re fooled into wearing a second skin, so don’t feel bad spending on the right set up.

High-Quality Denim

Raise your hand if you’ve ever tried to hunt for jeans under $50 only to be met with faux findings made with some combination of stretchy material that’s definitely not denim. They might seem to fit like a glove when you first try them on, hugging your curves in all the right spots, but quickly stretch, fade, show signs of pilling, and wear down due to chaffing between the inner thighs.

Just us? Doubtful. It’s not easy to find high-quality denim these days, but certain brands like Madewell prove that it’s still possible. You’ll want to splurge on expensive denim because your jeans will stay crisp and true-to-color on each and every wear. Plus, the premium stitching and corresponding pant longevity really make your purchase more affordable in the end.

Footwear Worth Financing

Ah, shoes—the bane of many existences. You can never have enough of these essential wardrobe stables (after all, you need a pair for the office, gym, casual OTDs, and nights on the town!), so we settle and stock up on off-brand options that fit our budget. There’s nothing wrong with buying sandals or sneakers on-sale, so long as you know in advance that they probably won’t last long before the soles deteriorate. But there’s shoe style truly worthy of the splurge: boots.

You already know they come back in style every year as soon as Fall rolls around, so why not buy a pair that you can wear for five years or more? Well-made boots are durable as heck and highly resistant to wear and tear. After a few break-ins, they’ll fit like a glove and feel custom-made for your feet, plus many come with water repellant features that allow you to wear them during those wetter months when you need them most. If you need to throw them on the credit card and pay them off for a few months, we think it’s totally worth it.

What are your favorite items to splurge on? Let us know in the comments below!