8 Gothic Trends Making Their Way to the Runway

Current fashion trends have revived the sixties and seventies’ looks and style, to create a new blend of looks. Fashion designers began fusing different fabrics, trying out unique makeup looks, and delving back into Y2K trends. This nostalgic recall led to the uprising of numerous subcultures such as cottage core, goth core, and ballet core.

Strains of the goth core subculture have trickled into mainstream fashion. Designers and celebrities are bringing new gothic looks to the table. The goth culture, with its dark and mysterious soulful underpinnings, has emerged with a definitive unique style that fuses the genderless monotone theme with colors and definitive cuts. If you wish to challenge your inner goth, check out the following trends. 

Statement Accessories:

Whether you like goth, cottage core, or streetwear, accessories are a must. Accessories not only accentuate your look but also provide a form of self-expression. Gothic accessories aren’t just an add-on; they’re as essential as the clothes one wears. Accessories such as fingerless gloves, heavy waist chains, chokers, occult necklaces, pins, and patches are most prominent on social media and runways.

Gothic fashion is all about accessories as it provides a chance for one to look as unique as possible. Simple accessories can enhance your goth aesthetic, especially if you are a casual goth. These are accessories you can find in stores specializing in gothic pins and patches. Stores who want to expand their range of gothic accessories can approach various websites like that offer wholesale gothic and occult accessories.

Little Black Dress:

The iconic Audrey Hepburn little black dress has been adapted to the gothic sensibility with intricate lace and silk fabric, and the little black dress is a sultry addition to Gothic fashion. The chic dress gives off a vampy princess look and is perfect for any occasion.

You can accessorize these thigh-high black dresses for a unique look. Heavy jewelry in shades of white and platinum is a must-have with such dresses. In addition, platform heels and eccentric accessories like umbrellas, weapons, or hats pair well with black dresses. You can also find inspiration from the upcoming Givenchy Autumn/Winter 2022 collection, in which thigh-high black dresses make an appearance. 

Sheer Fabrics:

If you are familiar with what goes around on social media, you are bound to know about the sheer fashion look. It is a risqué fashion look that focuses on styling transparent fabrics to give a near-naked look. The see-through dressing allows one to feel comfortable in their skin and adds an element of confidence to one’s appearance.

The fusion of sheer and black is taking over the fashion runways. Various celebrities like Jasmine Tookes, Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian have also brought forward the naked goth look by dressing in sheer black fabric. The transparent material for this gothic trend can be kept simple or heavily embellished. The style is suitable for the spring-summer time. 


The perfect way to fuse cottage core and goth is through the use of corsets. Corsets were once a trend of the past, but now they are back. Corsets represent power and feminism. They hold unimaginable power, and you can pair them in any way you like.

Various influencers and celebrities are incorporating corsets into their gothic looks. Niki Minaj and Kourtney Kardashian have added their twist to this trend by pairing the corset in unique ways. You can layer corsets on top of your shirts and dresses or pair cottage core corsets with miniskirts. 


Nothing speaks gothic like a big black gown. Black gowns are the statement pieces of gothic brides, and various designers are now incorporating this look into their fashion.

The gothic gown is a mashup of lace, sheer, and ruffles. Sequences, rhinestones, or chunky belts pair well with gowns, and accessories like umbrellas, weapons, and chokers are a go-to for such looks. However, these gowns aren’t limited to the color black only. Darker colors such as plum, red, and navy blue are also making their way into gothic fashion. Countless celebrities like Kate Beckinsale, Olivia Culpo, and Rihanna have worn gothic gowns. In addition, designers like Olivier Theyskens added gothic frocks to their runway looks. 

Button-up Jackets:

Jackets and goth go hand in hand. Most looks of gothic fashion incorporate a jacket or a cardigan. Nowadays, floor-length jackets and cardigans are in style. You can style these military button-up jackets any way you like. In addition, they pair well for casual or formal functions.

Some may style military button-ups with an undershirt and pants. However, these jackets alone are a complete outfit and can be paired with gloves, belts, and heels. 

Chunky shoes:

Whether a simple look or a high runway style, shoes are an accessory that adds to any look. Chunky shoes are the new style of footwear that have made their way into almost every fashion line, but it is a symbol of gothic fashion. Statement chunky boots add coherence and oomph to your style.

On numerous occasions, Gen Z stars like Olivia Rodrigo and Addison Rae wore chunky boots. Similarly, runways of designers like Vivienne Westwood, Rick Owens, and Alexander McQueen added chunky boots to their looks.

Most popular runway designs include chunky black stomper shoes with buckles, calf hair, and patent leather. Demonia, Goth BB, and TUK recreated the all-out goth moment that is a must-have.    

Dark Makeup:

Gothic makeup has been around for years. However, no goth look is complete without dark makeup. The classic smoky eyes and bold lips made up with dark or intensely black lipstick are integral to all gothic fashion. It portrays fierceness and rebelliousness. However, with its restoration in 2022, various new gothic makeup looks are taking the world by storm.

New gothic makeup trends include everything from lightened eyebrows to vampy lips. In addition, graphic eyeliner, red eyeshadows, or shaved eyebrows are the leading gothic looks on social media. Celebrities like Margot Robbie and Zoe Kravitz bring classic smoky eyes with nude lips. Similarly, Halsey rocks the graphic eyeliner look, and FKA Twigs has been seen sporting the vampy look with black lipstick.

All you need is a fine waterproof eyeliner, a clear brow gel, and dark lipstick to create a gothic look. In addition, you can use eyeshadows, mascara, and concealer to add oomph to your appearance to make it look unique. 


With gothic culture coming back in 2022, it’s time to let your inner goth out. Flaunt the blacks and reds in your wardrobe and accessorize to your heart’s content. Rock shear or lace in summers and velvet or jackets in winters. The goth core trend is here to stay, so keep a lookout for designer collections on the runway.