What Do Things That Happen in Dreams Mean?

Have you felt that rush of fear when you’re having a nightmare or feeling weightless dreaming of falling from a height? We all have surely experienced having a bizzare or scary dream at least once in our lives. And when we have such dreams, we keep wondering why we had them and what they actually mean. This is especially true for recurring dreams or dreams with common themes like failing an exam or falling from the stairs. There are many theories related to why we dream and what our dreams mean. Dreams are considered a representation of our thoughts, emotions, and desires. Modern science believes that we have dreams because our mind analyses and sorts through all the information it gathers throughout the day. So, do things that happen in a dream actually have any meaning? Let us look at what is the meaning behind things that happen in dreams. 

Disposing Excess Data

Scientists have always believed that dreams are related more to the brain functions and less to emotions as some dream interpreters believe. The theory that dreams are nothing but the brain sorting and disposing of the collected information has long been debated. According to this theory, dreams serve as a type of data dump. Whatever memories we collect during the day are sorted in our sleep and the valuable ones are stored while useless memories and information is discarded. Recently, some studies on mice have given traction to this theory. According to this theory, dreams are often random memories strung together with no actual meaning or sense to them.

Analysing and Sorting Information

Ancient Egyptians believed that dreams were simply a different way to look at information. Indeed, they had specially trained dreamers (or seers) who helped them take important state decisions or serve as planners in wars. Many modern neuroscientists still believe in this theory. They believe that dreams are created when the mind is sorting and analysing information. That’s why they are random and yet sometimes meaningful and bizzare at other times. Many dream theorists also agree that reflecting on analysing dreams is often more beneficial than forgetting about them. Analysing your dreams can give an insight into your subconscious mind.

Solving Problems and Dealing with Threats 

There is also a section of neuroscientists that believe that dreams are our mind’s way of solving problems and dealing with threats. When you encounter a problem that you find difficult to resolve or when you are facing some imminent threat that you’re unaware of, it stays in your subconscious mind. And when you’re sleeping, your subconscious tries to resolve these problems or give you hints about the threat you’re facing through dreams. According to this theory, you can learn what your subconscious is trying to tell you by analysing your dreams. Often dreams about dying or getting chased by animals are related to your fear of some changes happening in your life.

People have always associated meanings with dreams since ancient times. However, there are many who still believe dreams are simply a reflection of our thoughts and emotions. But no matter which theory we support, one thing is certain. Dreams do have some relation to our feelings and emotions and analysing them can prove more beneficial if done properly.