How To Style A Maxi Skirt: The Ultimate Guide

One of the wonderful things that came with the fall season is that we finally can swap the mini skirt that we always wear during summer with a maxi flowy skirt!

The Maxi skirt is comfortable, easy to wear, and will turn your look into a more elegant one every time you wear it. But do not worry, you can also dress down your maxi skirt by wearing a casual tee and sneakers to complete the look. If you do a proper mix and match of your skirt, you will be a showstopper anywhere you go. 

Scroll down below to see how to style your maxi skirt for any occasion!

Casual Look

This look is suitable to be used for your day-off attire. Where you can dress comfortably but still stylish nonetheless. When we talk about the casual look, what comes to our mind will be jeans, short pants, and flowery dresses. But actually, you can also dress casually even when you’re wearing a maxi skirt. 

A split maxi skirt 

A Maxi skirt with a center split will scream summer all the way. You can pair it with a tank top and cute slippers for a more casual look. Don’t forget to don your shades, especially during the summertime. It will be useful not only to add a touch of style but also to protect your eyes from the sunlight! During fall season bring a light cardigan in your bag, so when the weather starts to dip you can wear it immediately.

Maxi skirt with a shirt

Another option to go casual with a maxi skirt is by wearing your favorite oversized white shirt with a maxi skirt. You can choose whether you want to tuck the shirt or not, but you definitely should button down your shirt to achieve a more casual look. This outfit will be perfect for running errands that you might need to do during the day.

Tips: You can also wear this look in a formal setting. Just swap your usual footwear with a pump or stiletto.

Smart Casual

Blazer for a workplace

If you are working in a professional setting, wearing a blazer sometimes is a necessity. You can pair your favorite maxi skirt with a blazer, and for the inside, you can choose whether you want to use a shirt, a tank top, or a turtle neck. All are the perfect option to go with this look. You can just choose which one you want according to your mood or the occasion

Leather jacket 

Leather jacket, boots, and maxi skirt. What can go wrong? This is the ultimate fall outfit that you should try now! You can add a fedora hat to enhance your look even more. This outfit will also look formal enough to wear for an evening event.

Sweater weather 

The outside temperature is slowly dropping, and you might want to swap your tees and shirt for a more warm outfit. If so, then a sweater and maxi skirt combo will be the perfect style for you. Wear a tailored skirt and put on your knit or cashmere sweater. For footwear, you can go with heeled boots for a formal occasion or sneakers for a casual one. This is the perfect combo to look stylish but still feel warm and comfortable.

Date Night 

Maxi skirt with an off-shoulder top

Dress up to the nines for your date night with a maxi skirt. You can wear off-shoulder lace tops to achieve a classy look, and pair them with the same colored flowy skirt. You can also opt to wear a printed skirt design instead of a plain one. Grab a small structured handbag and simple earrings to complete the look. You will look classy and sophisticated for the night. 

Bralette for the sultry look

Want to look effortlessly sultry for your date night? Bralette is definitely the ultimate way to achieve this look. The key is to wear a super flowy skirt in order to achieve the glamour sensation. To elevate your style further, you can opt to wear a studded bralette with a sheer black maxi skirt. Complete your look with a matching set of jewelry and a small handbag. Your date won’t be able to keep their eyes on you!

Matching sets for the skirt

There are lots of sets with varied models that you can shop here. Having a matching set definitely will help you to dress up without having to worry on how to mix and match the skirt and the top – because obviously, they come together! It’s a lifesaver for all fashion lovers who don’t have lots of time to think of what they want to wear everyday. Wear a matching color for the shoes, the bag and the outfit sets to achieve a monochromatic look. For a date night, we recommend you to opt for a clutch instead of a handbag.

If you are bored with how the sets look, do not fret! You can still mix and match each of the individual pieces with your other clothing. Just follow the guideline that we have listed above!

See? There are a lot of styles that you can do with your maxi skirt. You can wear it on any occasion and mix and match it according to your needs. You can team your skirt with a casual tee, bralette, even a blazer – and you will look like a proper fashionista!