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Can’t Figure Out How to Celebrate Your Birthday This Year? Try These 4 Unique Birthday Party Ideas

Every year when birthdays come around, it can cause a lot of people to panic. Yes, partly due to another year being over, but you know you’re going to have to organize another stellar party.

There’s plenty of pressure to come up with a fun and unique event that you’ll not only love but will also entertain others. It’s easy to run out of ideas and resort to the same event you threw last year, but we have your back. We’re sharing four of our top party ideas – they’re fun and different and should help you look forward to your birthday again!

1. Hire a Magician

You might think that magicians are only for kids’ parties – but trust us that this isn’t the case. There are incredible magicians and mentalists who are specially trained to read body language and understand people’s mentalities in a way that means they can trick, tease and astound the audience.

If your friends and family like to be surprised and delighted, a magician is the way to go. They’ll keep everyone entertained while you also get to sit back and enjoy the show on your birthday. Even your most jaded guests will leave impressed by the event.

If you’re not sure who to trust with such an important part of your birthday, try Seth Neustein – Magician and Mentalist based out of Pittsburgh, PA, and available nationwide.

2. A Murder Mystery Party

Another fantastic idea for a birthday party is throwing a murder mystery evening. Of course, this won’t be good for children or people who are too easily scared or upset, but it can be fun for people who love dressing up or playing detective.

The idea is that everyone gets given a character, and then a plot unfolds. Following instructions as both a group and individually, you play your character as you have to work out “whodunnit.”

3. An Afternoon of Archery

Now for this birthday party idea, there can’t be any alcohol involved, and there is likely to be an age restriction in place for children, depending on the club. But with those factors set aside, getting a group of friends together to go and play archery is an incredibly fun and unique birthday bash.

The sport has been around for years for a reason (it dates back to 10,000 BCE). It’s great for guests who love to be active and mentally stimulated; archery requires physical discipline and concentration, so you’ll all forget about the world outside. It will just be you and your friends living in the moment.

4. A Barn Dance

Finally, there’s nothing better than a solid dance party. We hear you; you’ve done this before, so change it up and throw a barn dance! If you can actually rent a barn, then go for it. But a barn dance can also work in any larger space – the main thing is the music and plenty of space for dancing.

Try and hire a band that knows how to play a good ‘jig’ and research a few lively but simple group dances in advance. If you have friends that are game to try new things, then the party will be a blast. And dancing, as well as being incredibly fun, is also so good for you– blow off some steam and enjoy the energy of your group with this unique event!

The Round-Up

With these ideas in mind, you should now feel better about throwing a birthday party. You have a range of fun ideas to choose from, whether you do something active, get dressed up, or hire someone who is a specialist, like a magician.

Even if these ideas don’t exactly hit the spot, they should show you that there are plenty of incredible unique things to do on your birthday that you may not have thought of before. Don’t settle for an ordinary night out at a local bar; spice it up and make this year special!