More Than Rings: 6 Diamond Jewelry Gift Ideas Your Partner Will Love

Diamonds have symbolized both love and power for centuries, even dating back to the times of ancient Rome and Greece. They have also been a symbol of strength for ancient Greek warriors because of their near-indestructibility. Hence, they’ve been a reliable gift item among romantic partners, denoting an invincible love between the two. (1)(2)(6)

Diamond jewelry comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Because of this fact, it can be challenging to find the perfect piece to gift your lover. You may settle with a ring, but these are already quite common, especially among couples. (6)

If you wish to give your significant other something a little different, consider these stunning pieces of diamond jewelry as possible romantic gifts: 

  • Bracelets

Bracelets are excellent accessories for any gender. So, if you want a luxurious piece of jewelry that your partner will surely appreciate, you should consider this option. Tennis bracelets are usually given to men, but they’ll also look gorgeous on a woman’s wrist. They’re classic pieces that are simple and subtle, yet eye-catching. (4)(5)

Your partner will love it because they can wear diamond bracelets with basically any outfit. A well-crafted tennis bracelet will enhance their casual lunch date or formal dinner party look. They could even pair the bracelet with stacked white-gold bangles, a watch, or white-gold studded or hoop earrings. (4)(7)

  • Earrings

If your partner prefers to keep their hands and wrists free of distraction, you could give them a pair of earrings instead. Earrings are also the perfect gift for those in new relationships and when you’re yet to go steady. You don’t have to worry about ring or wrist sizes when looking for diamond earrings for your significant other. (5)

When it comes to diamond earrings, studs are a crowd favorite. They suit any face shape and make powerful statement pieces despite their tiny size. On the other hand, drop earrings look amazing on people with long hair who wear them in an updo. (7)

You don’t need to settle for the typical white diamond either. Colored diamonds may come naturally or artificially in a lab. The various colors are lovely to look at and wear, but they’re also associated with symbolic meanings. If you plan to use diamonds to tell your partner matters of the heart, let this guide help you choose the perfect color: (6)

  • Red: One of the rarest and most valuable of the colors, red diamonds symbolize courage.
  • Orange: Another uncommon color, orange represents energy and enthusiasm.
  • Yellow: This bright color symbolizes friendship and happiness. Despite the platonic connotations, yellow is a popular alternative colored diamond for engagement rings.
  • Blue: Blue is the color that represents royalty and symbolizes one’s love and respect for their partner.
  • Pink: Many people see pink as the color of romance and puppy love. It’s also a rare color for a diamond but beautiful nonetheless.
  • Brown: Brown diamonds can come in different shades ranging from light to dark. They represent humility, inner strength, and balance.
  • Black: Diamonds in this timeless color symbolize undying love. It’s a perfect gift for married couples celebrating their anniversary. (6)

Diamond earrings in any color other than white can change the feel of one’s outfit. Studs are more subtle and frame a face beautifully when in a color that suits the wearer’s skin tone. Drop earrings allow you to combine and complement various pieces in different colors without looking like you’ve put on too much. Meanwhile, your partner can dress hoop earrings up however they want, depending on their design and color. (8)

  • Necklaces

A diamond necklace is also a great alternative to earrings as a gift if you’ve recently got together with someone. There are no sizes to worry about, since most necklaces fit nearly anyone. What’s more, putting one around your partner’s neck is also a pretty romantic move. (5)

Men and women alike enjoy wearing a necklace or two. They’re statement pieces in their own right and can be styled in several ways. They bring attention to one’s neck, especially when they wear one with a scoop or V-neck top. (7)(8)

Diamond chain-link necklaces are popular among men. A man can thread it through his wedding ring so he can still ‘wear’ his ring while at work. A demure diamond necklace over a simple, solid color blouse can amplify a woman’s whole outfit. It’s a perfect piece to wear during a date, especially for those who want to dress casually but add some flair. (3)(7)

Necklaces are valuable gifts to the person you love. Diamonds, in particular, represent your sincerest feelings towards your partner. Consider giving them a diamond necklace on their birthday, your anniversary, or a special holiday. Before you do that, you should look for expert advice on buying diamonds so you can pick an authentic piece for your significant other. (1)

  • Pendants

If your partner already has a favorite diamond necklace, why not enhance it further with a pendant? Contrary to popular belief, men also enjoy wearing pendants as much as women. They’ll appreciate diamond pendants based on their religion or line of work. Meanwhile, most women prefer pendants in unique shapes like hearts or flowers. (3)(4)

Try choosing a diamond charm with your partner’s initials if you don’t know what kind of pendant to give them. You can also include your own initials for additional sentimentality. Small and straightforward diamond pendants on dainty chains complement anyone without looking too overwhelming. If you want something less common, opt for a diamond dog tag. They’re not only fashionable, but they’re also the perfect gift for your partner if they once served in the army. (4)(5)

  • Lapel Or Tie Pins

While people can wear the first four jewelry pieces in casual situations, lapel or tie pins are often seen on formal outfits. They’re a unique accessory you can give to your partner that’s not as common as a ring. Diamond tie pins are also practical aside from existing solely for aesthetics. (3)

Tie pins secure the necktie to the shirt to keep it from wrinkling or moving. On the other hand, lapel pins serve a decorative purpose but still add a touch of class to a formal suit. They come in many designs, some custom-made, so many options are available. But a diamond one stands out, especially if the light hits its facets at the right angle. Diamond lapel or tie pins make great gifts to celebrate a promotion at work or a successful business project. (3)

  • Cufflinks

Like lapel pins, cufflinks are usually considered a formal accessory. It’s a lovely piece to add to a loved one’s jewelry collection, which they can wear during special events. Your partner will treasure a set of diamond cufflinks if they frequent suit-and-tie occasions. (3)(4) 

Diamond cufflinks will add style to your partner’s basic business suits. They could even complement watch jewelry or other accessories made with diamonds. You can also choose different closures like knots, snaps, and toggles. Because of their different styles, it’ll be easier for you to spice up your partner’s cufflink collection if those are the only diamond accessories they prefer. (3)(4)


Diamonds are a classic and timeless gift idea for couples. Almost everyone appreciates this sparkling gemstone not only for its beauty but also for its worth. Diamond jewelry can last more than a lifetime when taken care of properly. Consider the options discussed above and pick a diamond piece that best represents the eternal love you and your partner share. (1)(2)


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