Classic Clothing That Every Man Must Have in His Wardrobe

Fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent once said that fashion fades, but the style is endless. What he meant was that seasons come and go, and they do come with various desirable items, but there are particular clothes items such as a perfectly-cut black suit, a trench coat, a polo neck t-shirt which can never change since they are must-have for every man.

This article gives you some of the essential items that a man should own. Investing in these essential clothing from men’s clothing by Brixton means that you’ll be well-dressed for any occasion.

Tailored suit [back, grey, or navy blue]

All men need to have at least one suit that’s perfectly tailored or a bespoke suit in their wardrobes. Most of the modern suits come in slim cuts. A shoddy suit may mean that you are behind the times. The colors black and gray are the best because they are ideal for any occasion, be it work, funeral, wedding, or even a formal date. You can even enjoy your suit more by breaking out its components and wearing them separately; for example, you can wear the pants with a colored shirt for your business meeting.

Denim jeans

Skinny jeans are trending now, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot look good in straight-cut, dark denim. You can wear your straights cut denim with a sports coat, or wear them on a weekend with your favorite graphic t-shirt or polo t-shirt. Straight-cut, dark denim is perfect for people who are timid about clothing.

White button-down shirt

They are also called oxford. Every man should have a white button-down shirt formal wear. You can wear it to work, church, meeting, etc. Choose a blue-toned white shirt and not yellow-toned to get the best out of it since it basically works with all colors.

You can also get your button-up tailored, or else it could look oversized and unkempt. Look for a shirt that fits comfortably at the neck, and makes you move your shoulders, arms, and elbows freely. Once you have your white button-down shirt, you can get other colors such as blue.


Khaki pants are must-have for any guy. They are ideal for casual affair, outdoor wedding, lunch meeting with colleagues, or for a summer barbeque. Khakis makes you look elegant without feeling sophisticated as you might feel in suits pants. The good thing about khaki is that they go with just anything.

A white t-shirt

A perfectly-made tee can accompany most of your outfit. You can dress it with dark jeans, a leather jacket, and boots or with shorts for a weekend. White t-shirts look great when they are perfectly laundered to maintain their color.

Polo shirts

Polo shirts give you that look that’s neither too formal nor too casual. These two combinations of styles are perfect for golfing, or for casual events that require some bit of class. Polo shirts can either be worn with shorts during summer or with jeans and a casual sweater during winter.