5 Things to Do This Black Friday Instead of Shopping

It’s understandable that you’d want to get your holiday shopping done while the deals are good, but no one – literally no one – likes being mauled by a horde of shoppers just for a savings of $12.50 on an Instant Pot.

The malls and box stores are going to be insane this Black Friday, as they are every Black Friday, and it’s all in service of saving a couple bucks on stuff that you probably don’t need. The pull of Black Friday deals can be strong, but instead of shopping for unnecessary stuff, why not take the day to do something else seasonal?

Below is a list of five alternatives to Black Friday shopping that, frankly, are more fun and won’t get you stampeded by other shoppers.

Break Out the Christmas Tree

December is very close, and what better day to break out the tree than Black Friday. While the rest of the block scrambles over cheap appliances, you can relax with a Bailey’s and coffee, leisurely placing baubles on a beautiful tree. It may require you to think ahead though: buy the tree before thanksgiving to avoid Black Friday shoppers on a Christmas tree mission.

Work Thanksgiving Off with Some Axe Throwing

Black Friday should, in part, be about recovering from Thanksgiving. The caloric load of a thanksgiving dinner can be astronomical – sometimes double your daily recommended intake in one meal. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t indulge (‘tis the season for it, after all) but it does mean that you should try to offset those calories with activity. By far the most fun seasonal activity is axe throwing. Just get your friends together and try axe throwing in Austin – burning off a little of that gravy in process.

Make a “Moistmaker” With the Leftovers

If you’re unfamiliar with the “moistmaker”, allow this video to clear the air. A sandwich created in the TV show friends, it concerns Ross’ thanksgiving leftovers. He layers turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing in the sandwich, but, in a brilliant turn, includes a middle piece of bread that has been dipped in gravy. Thus, the name “moistmaker”. It’s not just a one-time gag on a 90s sitcom, though – this thing is really tasty!

Take the Opportunity to See Live Music

Before every radio station, restaurant, supermarket, hardware store etc. begin blasting out Christmas tunes for a straight 25 days, enjoy one last day of eclectic music. Head out on the town and see some blues, or catch some jazz. Go to a rock show, or tap your foot in a bluegrass bar. You are about to hear a weeks-long marathon of Mariah Carey and Bing Crosby, so get your fix while you can.

Get Crafty With DIY Christmas Cards

Buying gifts is understandable. But you don’t need to spend money on the cards. In fact, the money you save by staying in on Black Friday and making DIY holiday cards is probably comparable to the amount you’d save at the actual sales! Plus, there is something more special about giving and receiving handmade sentiments.

Deals come and go, but the trampled toes you get from joining a throng of amped up shoppers will be painful for weeks. This Black Friday, steer clear of the malls, and try one of the above ideas.