Dress Etiquette: How a Tourist Should Dress in the UAE

Over the past 10 years, the UAE has become a very popular country for tourists. Apart from modern skyscrapers and trendy hotels, it is still a very conservative country with its strict rules. Before traveling to the UAE, every tourist should know the basic rules and principles of wearing clothes, even though there are no vowels. Let’s figure out how to dress in Dubai so as not to catch the disapproving glances of passers-by. 

The first thing to know when you pack a suitcase to go on a vacation in the UAE or directly in Dubai, you need to take into account two factors: weather and culture. The UAE is a muslim country with fairly strict islamic principles. There local women here have to hide their bodies from the foreigners’ eyes. Abu Dhabi is the most serious emirate about the issue of women’s appearance and the Emirate of Dubai is the most loyal. But still, even in Dubai, they will not treat you well if you walk around in open or tight clothes. Fortunately, all these principles have nothing to do with your vacation or type of amusement. Here you have the whole list of activities and entertainment in Dubai. You do not need to follow the rules of modesty when it comes to your car, you can easily rent luxury cars in Dubai and enjoy its comfort and chic appearance. Rental services are becoming very popular with tourists, because of their mobility and small prices for hired cars. The booking process is very easy and will take you less then 10 minutes, while the range of rental fleet is huge, there are variants of cars for every taste and budget. Where else you have possibilities to drive Ferrari or Lamborghini on your own on the motorways with an incredible view. Using rental services has undoubtedly advantages, it gives an unforgettable experience which leaves you with the top memories for a long time. 

In this hot country summer begins in April and lasts until November. Therefore, before the trip to Dubai, it is preferable to buy light colored clothes made of cotton material. Trousers, skirts, shirts, t-shirts made of cotton material are perfect for hot and sunny weather. They will make it easier to endure the heat during excursions and trips around the country. You should remember that clothes and shoes should be as closed as possible and it is better if you have a hat on your head because under the sun you can easily get burned or get sunstroke. There are no strict rules for wearing certain types of clothing in this country, however, in order not to offend the religious feelings and traditions of these places, it is better to wear closed clothes in crowded places: when visiting attractions, shops, entertainment centers. Before going to a restaurant, theater or museum it is advisable to check what is preferable to wear there. Usually, to visit such places, it is advised to choose a suit and an evening dress that won’t be too revealing.

When visiting religious places, the rule certainly must be observed – the shoulders, stomach and knees must be covered. This rule must be followed by both men and women. When you dress openly in such places, the locals may take it as a deliberate insult to their religion, and this is very serious. For sunbathing on the beach or by the pool, shorts and not too open swimwear are ideal. Mini bikinis are sure to attract unwanted attention and disdainful glances from the locals. Tourists should also not wear local national clothes. If you decide to go to the desert to ride camels or a jeep, choose the most comfortable clothes and shoes, closed sandals and sneakers are perfect. 

You can dress freely on the territory of the hotel, there you can wear short shorts and an open-shouldered t-shirt. But not all hotels are loyal to this appearance – there are also many hotels in Dubai that have a dress code. Remember that the more information you learn before your vacation, the better for you. You will have nothing to worry about and you will have a wonderful holiday in this wonderful country.