Why You Should Consider An Oval Cut Engagement Ring

From Princess Diana’s iconic oval sapphire ring to the more modern ones of Kourtney Kardashian and Ariana Grande, the oval cut engagement ring is an absolute classic. 

Despite originating in the 60s, the oval cut has a simple yet elegant style that has charmed the world for decades and remains a favorite even today. If you’re planning your wedding, here are seven reasons why an oval cut engagement ring may be your best choice. 

1. It Offers More For Your Money’s Worth 

When diamonds or other stones are cut into an oval shape, they appear much larger. Oval engagement rings have more coverage, so they appear much more prominent than other shapes of equal carat weight. 

Oval cuts can also be around 30% less expensive than round diamonds of the same weight. So if you’re planning your wedding on a tight budget and still want to impress your significant other, an oval cut ring is the way to go. 

2. It’s Famous For The Slimming Effect 

The classic oval shape is well known for the slimming effect it offers. The cut of the stone plays a major role in how the ring looks on your fingers. Some shapes can make the fingers look thick and stubby, which takes away from the beauty of the ring. But the oval cut can make the fingers look longer and slimmer, making it a very flattering choice. 

Plus, different stones complement different finger shapes, but oval stones make all hand types look glamorous. 

3. It Is Functional And Fashionable At The Same Time

A common problem with square-cut or other stone shapes is that they tend to wear out quite quickly. They have sharp corners, so they are more likely to catch on other surfaces. Some can even slowly chip off over time, reducing the beauty and overall value of the stone. 

An oval-cut engagement ring is the best way to avoid this problem. The prongs are far less likely to break because of the rounded edges. Without sharp angles and corners, your oval cut ring will not get caught on surfaces. This means your partner can go about their daily tasks without worrying about shaving off bits of your ring. 

This may seem like a tiny detail, but it makes a great impact on the durability of your gem. An oval cut requires far less maintenance than a princess or a pear, making it easy and cheap to care for. Both functional and fashionable, it’s easy to see why the oval cut is one of the most loved shapes around the globe. 

4. It Offers Good Light Reflection 

The structure and alignment of an oval-cut ring make it the perfect choice for a shiny engagement ring. It has 58 facets with excellent light performance, meaning it reflects off a great deal more light than some of the other cuts. The enhanced light interaction makes the oval cut shinier and sparklier, adding to its overall beauty and style. 

5. It Is A Statement Piece 

The oval cut has long been considered a luxurious ring option, having been worn by style icons, influencers, and celebrities for the longest time. It has the classic historical appeal and is a safe choice for a ring. 

6. It Is Good Cut For Hiding Flaws 

When purchasing a diamond or stone of any kind, the clarity and color scale are essential factors to consider. How clear the color of your gem is makes a massive impact on the final look of the ring. 

The oval cut is a very forgiving shape because it can hide flaws in color and clarity due to its design. The facets of the oval cut make it an excellent choice for hiding any defects in the stone you purchase. 

This means that you can cut back more when it comes to color and clarity than you would be able to with other designs. In the end, the ring looks just as glamorous at a much lower price.  

7. It Is A Highly Versatile Cut 

Another advantage of an oval cut engagement ring is the variety of options you have. There are plenty of choices for the length-to-width ratio of the stone, meaning you can customize the ring as much as you please. 

The length to width ratio can range from 1.33, which is a broader oval, to 1.66, a longer and narrower oval shape. With oval cuts, you can also choose from different types of settings for your ring, from 4-prongs to 6-prongs to bezels. 

Even the orientations (placement) of the oval cut can be personalized. You can choose to have it positioned diagonally or horizontally to give your ring a unique look. This option doesn’t exist for traditional round or princess cuts, as those shapes look the same from all sides.