Entertaining Online Video Games That Can Challenge the Mind

Online games especially those that are quick and uncomplicated to play are good enough to relieve stress and provide a quick escape to reality. Each day, pressures from work or home can pile up and sometimes a good video game online can do a trick and simply take your mind off from the things that you are busy with.

Good thing there are classic online games that are easily accessible and there are a lot of available games to play based on your preference, like those games that fall under logic puzzle game category. There are two reasons why you will be hooked on this type of games.  First, it’s a quick escape, a moment of entertainment too. And second, while you are leisurely taking a break, you are also exercising your brain. This can help boost memory, concentration and focus and can help keep a  sound mind.

Battleships Armada Logic Puzzle Game

This game may appear so simple and yet there is strategizing involve here. The objective of this logic puzzle is to place your battleships in areas that you feel would be safe when the enemy attacks with a missile. Each turn will give you 3 missiles to fire on a grid game interface. You will surely feel some excitement each time you would hit an enemy’s battleship even if you could not see where the enemy (AI) placed his ships on the grid. Quick game but big in action! This games comes in 3 modes – easy, normal, and hard.

Daily Sokoban – Logic Puzzle Game

This online game will get you hooked for hours. You must be focused and patient too. The objective of this game is to move the boxes on the spot marked by “x”. The game field offers limited movements, you could only push a box on one direction and there is no option for pulling. So, the strategy is to visualize first how will you maneuver each box on its proper sequence or else with just one wrong move you have to start all over again. It’s quite addicting if you are into mental games but let me remind you that ‘patience is a virtue’.
Every day, this game offers another level to play through. Another feature of the game is that you can choose a date to play another puzzle.

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