How The Pandemic Changed Private Air Travel

The COVID-19 pandemic has seriously impacted commercial air travel, with many flights simply cancelled, as nations struggle to contain infections. Even when commercial flights are running, the thought of spending hours in an aluminium tube with many people does nothing to encourage peace of mind. Add to that the many routes that are now blocked to stop people travelling to other locations and getting around can be a challenge, which is where chartered air travel comes in.

Safe, Economic Travel

If you have to attend a very important business meeting in the CBD district, for example, hiring a private helicopter in Sydney is a very attractive alternative to road travel and it will get you there refreshed and in good time. Finding a provider is easy; simply search with Google for ‘charter air travel near me’ and you can browse the operators’ websites until you find the best deal. Helicopters are preferred, as they require minimal space for take-off and landing. With a pilot and crew that are regularly tested for COVID-19, you can rest assured that your helicopter ride will not result in a COVID infection.

Reduced Air Charter Prices

The cost of private air travel has come down, largely due to the extra demand created by the pandemic; more people flying means the operator can lower their charter rates. A busy operator might service 15-20 clients per day, depending on the number of aircraft they have running, so make sure you book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Avoid the Crowds

When you think about the many people waiting to get on a commercial flight, not to mention having to sit with them and breathe recycled air for a few hours, it is no surprise that private air travel is becoming so popular. The risk of infection is great when you are surrounded by many people and with a private charter, you won’t see anyone outside the crew and perhaps one operator official who guides you to the waiting aircraft. Once cleared for take-off, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. 

Important Business Meetings

These are the times to think of private air travel when it is critical that you arrive on time. If you live in or near an Australian city, for example, there will be at least one private air charter operator, if not several. Simply search online and when you find the operator’s site, make an enquiry as to availability and cost, then you can make an online booking that will secure the aircraft for your trip.

The air charter sector is enjoying continued expansion, as more and more people realise the many benefits that helicopter charter offers and if you have an important meeting coming up and want to be sure of arriving safely and in good time, chartering a helicopter is a great idea!