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Everything You Need to Know About Bergamot Oil

Bergamot oil is a popular form of essential oil that is quite popular and has its own unique profile and taste. If you’ve ever had earl grey tea and enjoy it, then you will have tasted the flavour of bergamot, which is used to flavour this tea. This essential oil is created through the extraction of fruit peels and rinds, creating a product with a citrusy aroma.

What sets this oil apart from others is the fact that it is extracted through a process called cold compression, whereas most other products are extracted through steam distillation. Bergamot is used for a number of different applications, which may include fragrances and scents, flavouring, medicinal uses and for hygiene purposes.

It’s easy to see that this essential oil can be used in a number of different ways, and it definitely has its benefits. If you are interested in bergamot and how it can be used and for what, then read on.

The History of Bergamot

Bergamot has had its roots in history for centuries now, and its uses and applications have been utilized for a significant amount of time now. At the beginning of the sixteenth century, it was only known as an ornamental plant that decorated the halls of high class Italian families. However, it grew to become a popular perfume made through the peels of the fruit it is derived from mixed into water.

The perfume grew in demand and became one of the most popular out there. Bergamot growth and production began on stretches of the Italian coast, with these environments offering mineral rich soil and warm, rainy and humid climates, perfect for the harvesting of this essence. The tree is usually slow growing compared to other citrus plants and presents with a medium size with symmetrical and regular foliage.

With flower buds being pure white and quite large, the tree definitely has an aesthetic appeal. With the ongoing movement of organic and natural products, this essential oil has been carried to the spotlight and continues to gain popularity in its uses and applications.

The Benefits of Its Use

Bergamot promotes a number of different health benefits for its users and should be utilized for these effects. Read on for some of the benefits it provides.

Improves Digestion

Bergamot oil can be used to help to improve the digestive tract and process. It does this by helping to stimulate the digestive juices within your body, which can help the body to break down foods and absorb nutrients, and in general digest products smoothly.

Many people across the country, and the world, suffer from poor digestive tracts and processes, and through the use of bergamot, this can be improved greatly. Poor digestive tracts and processes can significantly affect one’s way of life.

It can cause discomfort in everyday situations which can end up becoming debilitating. The use of organic and natural remedies is always recommended, and this essential oil can definitely help.

Relieves Stress

Stress is a factor that affects a huge number of people across the globe. In such a fast paced and demanding society, people often feel pressured to perform at work, in their looks, how they act and in many other ways.

This can cause stress to build, which can have a number of detrimental effects such as aging faster, anxiety, poor sleep, skin issues and much more. The use of bergamot can help to stimulate serotonin and dopamine receptors, which can greatly reduce stress. Putting bergamot oil in a diffuser can help to produce a calming aroma which can be used before bed or when relaxing to reduce stress.

How It Can Be Used

Bergamot oil can be used in a variety of different ways in order to receive the benefits that come with it.


Like many other essential oils, bergamot oil can be used in a diffuser to produce an aroma that can be breathed in to receive benefits. This is done by first, having a diffuser, and placing the oil into the diffuser and allowing the scent to travel to you.

Another way to keep the scent close to you is through the mixture of the oil into various hygiene products. Mixing the oil into body lotion, shampoo, body soap and other products can ensure that you will keep the scent near you and receive the benefits of aromatherapy.

For Acne and Skin

Acne and skin problems are a common issue amongst the population, and many products on the market are quite harsh on the skin and can cause several unwanted effects. Bergamot can be used as a spot treatment, meaning to isolate parts of the skin which are particularly blemished and treat these areas. It is quite simple to treat this, bergamot oil is applied to the blemish and rubbed into the skin gently.

The oil is left on overnight and is washed off in the morning. It is important not to use this treatment in the day or in sunlight as bergamot oil can be phototoxic. It can also be used as a facial rinse if mixed and diluted into water and applied to the face in the morning and at night.

For Hair

The beauty industry would have us use various types of products to keep our hair nice, clean and beautiful, however bergamot oil can also be used. Bergamot essential oil is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve soft and scented hair, as it is great for taming curls and providing a soft texture to hair. To use it, you can mix a few drops into your shampoo for use throughout the week.

Or you can rub it into your hair and leave it overnight for benefits. Many hair products on the market will use harsh chemicals which can be detrimental to your hair in the long term. Using an organic and natural treatment will ensure your hair receives benefits whilst still maintaining its integrity.

Cleaning products

Bergamot can be used for a number of different cleaning products. Essential oil in general is used in various different products for this purpose, such as soap, sprays and lotions. Soaps are especially popular due to the scent and aroma that the oils can give off, which can stay applied for a duration of time, helping to calm the user throughout the day whilst still smelling great. Furthermore, sprays can be used to apply to surfaces with a mixture of soaps in order to clean the area whilst also applying a scent which will make the applied environment give off a pleasing aroma. Cleaning is an essential part of everyone’s lives, and through the incorporation of bergamot into these cleaning products used, you can receive the calming and scent relating benefits as well as being able to clean efficiently simultaneously. 

Overall, bergamot oil has many benefits and uses, and should definitely be utilized by anyone looking to relieve stress, treat skin problems, achieve great hair and can be used in cleaning products for its scents.

Bergamot oil is becoming one of the most popular essential oils on the market and leaves a beautiful scent that will have you happy and stress free through its use!