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How to Avoid Counterfeit Makeup When Shopping Online

Counterfeit makeup products continue to increase despite the measure put in place by the authorities. Buying fake items costs you money because they do not work and do not last. Furthermore, some of them might contain harmful ingredients that can affect your health when used continuously.

You should, therefore, be careful when shopping for makeup online, and here is how to avoid buying counterfeits.

Buy From Authorized Shops Only

You can avoid counterfeit makeup by shopping from an authorized beauty shop. The best makeup companies have a list of online retailers who are authorized to sell their high-end products.


Some of them even take the responsibility of supplying the approved stores directly to avoid intermediaries. This ensures that the makeup products with their brand available in the selected shops are of the highest quality. Hence, by buying from certified retailers, you can be sure that you will get genuine makeup products.

However, you are more likely to get counterfeit products should you buy from unauthorized online dealers. This because they get supplies from third parties, which increases the chances of them receiving then selling imitated high-end makeup.

You can find out if a store that sells cosmetic & beauty products online is authorized by visiting the manufacturer’s website. You will see a list of approved retailers in your region. If you don’t find the list, you can contact the company to inquire about a seller before you can buy a makeup product.

Avoid Unrealistic Cheap Prices

Quality makeup brands are usually expensive compared to regular ones. Scammers use that to their advantage, where they replicate high-end products. They then sell them at reduced prices compared to the authentic ones. Unknowing buyers are attracted to these low prices, where they end up ordering the products without doing some research to determine authenticity.

Therefore, be on the lookout for prices that seem too sweet instead of getting excited. This means that you should know the expected price of the specific item you want to buy so that you can spot unrealistic deals. Doing this will help you avoid counterfeit makeup.

Check Reviews

Reading reviews will help you determine whether a beauty shop sells genuine or counterfeit makeup. Positive reviews are an indication that the retailer can be trusted to deliver high-quality makeup products. On the other hand, negative reviews are proof that the seller cannot be trusted.

However, you should be careful when checking reviews. They can be fake, where they might be staged by the seller to make them look reliable. That is why you should not depend on reviews found on the retailer’s website only. You should also look for those posted on other platforms such as social media.

In conclusion, not all retailers selling cosmetic & beauty products online have genuine makeup products. You can, therefore, end up buying counterfeit items. However, you can avoid the trap by buying from authorized retailers, avoiding unrealistic prices, and checking reviews before ordering from a beauty shop.