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Pregnancy Hacks: The Tips to Better Skin Each Trimester

Pregnancy, for all its joys and excitement, can be taxing to the soon-to-be mother. During your first pregnancy, you’re filled with ideas of how you’re going to be the perfect mother, perhaps even thinking of the cool activities you’ll take your child to when they’re a little bit older. Parenthood these days can be hip, and even maternity clothing has also leveled up in the style department.

One thing you can’t escape during pregnancy, however, is the hormonal change. It’s not just the cravings and the sudden burst of emotions that you have to prepare for. You also need to take better care of your skin!

Double up on the skincare

They say you can never have too many diapers when you’re expectant. When you hold that newborn baby in your arms and forgo sleep for another diaper change, that’s when you know that people weren’t exaggerating. The same is true when you look at moisturizers and skin toner online and want to purchase all of them. They will come in handy when your skin looks dull and patchy even as early as in your first trimester. The good news is these products are usually safe for pregnant women, so you will not have to change your skincare routine too much–you just have to make sure you leave room for them in your changing schedule.

Eat healthy food

When you’re pregnant, your body is changing and a baby is growing inside you. That baby’s sole source of nutrients is you, which is why it’s important to load up on vitamins and minerals. You may notice that your regular portions may not be enough as you progress through your pregnancy. Especially in your second trimester, when you’re past the morning sickness, your portions may double to account for the growing child. This means the usual nutrients your body gets from your normal food consumption now goes to the baby, and to get the same vitamins and minerals to benefit your skin, you have to double up on the healthy food items. Your doctor may also recommend vitamin supplements to get your recommended daily allowance.


During your third trimester, movement may be more difficult because of the sizable bump in your belly. This means your mobility is a big issue and you’ll need help doing regular chores. Staying on your feet for long hours is not recommended, and skipping sleep is an absolute no. For your sake and your baby’s, get enough sleep to have strength to carry the baby to term. Of course, this doesn’t mean a sedentary lifestyle is the only way to complete your pregnancy without endangering the baby. For others who have had an active lifestyle before being pregnant, continuing to exercise may still be allowed.

Before you do anything, however, ask your doctor for their expert advice. They will know how to assess your body to determine if you can be active or should be resting more. Either way, sleep is important and will keep those eye bags and sallow skin at bay.

Varicose veins

For some women, varicose veins are a normal and harmless part of pregnancy. They occur when the uterus exerts pressure on the large vein (the inferior vena cava) which carries blood from the feet and legs back to the heart. Varicose veins may appear anytime during pregnancy, but they tend to get bigger and more noticeable as you get bigger.

More often, varicose veins get better after giving birth. However, if your varicose veins don’t go away after the baby is born or your veins feel hard, warm, painful, and the skin around them appears red, you may want to consult with a Vein clinic in Scottsdale.

You can better enjoy your pregnancy if you look good throughout those nine months. To be the best-looking pregnant woman out there, heed these tips and savor the pregnancy glow.