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Full-Time vs. Part-Time Maid: Which is the Best?

Managing things in the house might be difficult when you have a hectic schedule. There aren’t nearly enough hours in the day to accomplish everything. As a result, receiving extra support from a maid is important, especially for those in Singapore who are determined to live a happy life. 

It’s not an option to leave work and come home to do chores or clean for the entire weekend. A maid’s services come in handy because they allow you to spend more time with your loved ones. You should, however, determine if you need a part-time or full-time maid. When it comes to hiring a cleaner, it’s critical to search around and choose the type of cleaning service you require. But when you are looking for part-time maid services, just go to www.lucehome.sg/services/part-time-maid for more inquiries regarding the said job.

A part-time maid serves a single client for approximately 30 hours per week. They work with a large number of customers and earn a full-time salary. For the cost of transportation, they normally add a little surcharge to each hour’s bill, while a full-time maid works mostly for one client. They work roughly 40 hours a week on average. Depending on the contract, they would either reside outside of your home.

Benefits of Choosing Full-time Maid Service

A Full scope of House Cleaning

Since the majority of full-time maids reside in your home, they will be there anytime you require a household cleaning service. Singapore boasts a population of 255,000 domestic workers, making it easier for clients to locate the ideal maid. While you’re away at work, full-time maids can take care of practically all of the housekeeping. That’s why, before employing full-time maids, you should make sure they’re trustworthy, especially if you won’t be supervising them.

Appropriate Consistency

Full-time maid service would provide consistency in the way your chores are completed. Because they only serve you, it’s simpler for any of them to learn how you like things accomplished at home. For example, if you have your furniture organized in a specific fashion, they will always take note of it.

Available Most of the Times

Your home will be serviced by a full-time maid. As a result, they will be available whenever you need them. Even in an emergency, you can use their services at any time. This is a significant benefit because you will not be inconvenienced.

Cons of Full-Time Maid Service


Full-time maids have been implicated in several heinous crimes. They have stolen from their bosses and poisoned the food they prepare, among other things. They have complete access to your residence. Before hiring them and starting to reside with you, it is always a good idea to read about their history and keep your directions as clear as possible. If you make an effort to get to know them, they will be driven to perform their best for you. You can check their previous job history to know if they are reliable for the said job. 

Too Expensive

Employing a live-in maid will undoubtedly be much more costly than hiring a traditional part-time maid because you will need to do something for their basic needs, send them for their required six-monthly medical examinations, pay for their travel expenses, including their roundtrip ticket when they go on holiday leave, and have sufficient maid compensation.

Benefits of Choosing Part-time Maid Service

More Productive than Full-Time Maid Service

In comparison to a full-time maid, a part-time maid works fewer hours. As a result, if you recruit one, they will be less stressed from working long hours and hence more productive. They are more concentrated because they are paid based on the number of hours worked. They will efficiently do your assignment within the time frame you have set. Getting a part-time maid is a preferable alternative if you need your chores completed promptly.

Safer than Hiring Full-Time

Using the services of a part-time maid is safer. In the past, there have been numerous terrible stories regarding full-time maids, including theft. Part-time maids work for a predetermined number of hours, which reduces the likelihood of them committing such crimes.

They are likely Flexible

Even if you are a domestic expert, there may be times when you require an extra pair of hands when cleaning your home. Hiring a part-time helper allows you to use the extra assistance only when you need it. Their housekeeping service is ideal for tidying up after a party! Because part-time assistants are paid hourly, make sure you plan out their tasks ahead of time to prevent overpaying!

Cons of Part-Time Maid Service

They are Not Available When Anytime You Need Them

Because part-time maids have a schedule and are not completely yours, there may be times when they are unable to assist you. This might be an issue over the holiday season, when part-time maids are in higher demand. To avoid this, plan ahead of time and schedule early cleaning services so that you can get them when you want.

In the end, you, as the client, will make your own choice of who among the two types of maid services you prefer to choose. This article can be a guide for you to decide whether part-time maid service or full-time maid service is likely to be the better option for you.