Fathers Day gifts for fashion-forward dads

I hear you, wear just a few days in April. Mother’s Day was a moment ago, and it’s a solid two months before fathers day is on the books. Isn’t it a bit early for Father’s Day gift inspiration articles? In short, no!

Whether it is your own dad you are buying for, or you are the one organising the gifts for the father figure of your munchkins, this is the time to start planning. Before you know it, June will be breathing down our neck, and all that will be left is a sad “World’s best dad” mug or the even more tragic soap on a rope in the shape of something manly. 

Preparation is the key to success for the perfect father’s day gift, and boy, do we have the ideal primer for you!

When is fathers day?

First things first, when is the big Day? Fathers Day falls on the third Sunday of June, which means June 19th has the honours this year. Dads have traditionally been short-changed when it comes to presents compared to mothers. On average, dads get half as much spent on them on Father’s Day as mums get on Mother’s Day. If that hasn’t got you quietly comparing the tie and five blade razor combo you have in mind for your dad against the spa day you treated mum to, it really should.

Now that you are filled with resolve to treat pops to something pretty special this year, what’s your plan for the perfect gift? Many Fathers Day gifts revolve around gadgets: drones, laser levels, a smart speaker or maybe an instant pot for dads who fancy themselves as the next Gordon Ramsay. While there’s nothing wrong with gadgets, not all dads go crazy for wires and digital displays.

If you have a fashion-forward father, the latest digital doohickey isn’t going to pass muster. Instead, take a look at this curated list of goodies that has something for all budgets.    

Stylish Father’s Day gifts


Nothing sets off a good suit like a pair of cufflinks. French cuff shirts are tailor-made for these beauties, but you can convert almost any long-sleeved shirt into one to show off your favourite cufflinks with some minor alterations. 

Cufflinks make an ideal present- they cover a huge array of price points, and there are endless styles available. They are the perfect way to wear your interests subtly on your sleeve. If a death star cufflink isn’t quite your pappa’s style, why not go with something a little more bespoke?

New dads will be able to take a beautiful memory of their wee one everywhere with custom cufflinks from Hold up on heart. While you can get ones that feature a scale down hand or footprint, I like the ones that feature the bambinos’ fingerprint. The whorls and lines make a fascinating pattern to the unknowing, but to dad, it is an incredibly special memento of their loved ones.

Funky boxers

Okay, underwear is maybe a little boring sounding. After all, while they are a perfectly practical gift, it’s not exactly the most exciting thing to find under the wrapping paper. 

“Hey Fred, what did your kids get you?”

“A 5 pack of briefs”


But not all boxers are created equal. Take a look at the options available from Bawbags. This Scottish company is ideal for the cheeky chappy in your life that likes to make a statement. With a wide and wonderful array of patterns, there are boxers specially designed for cycling, playing rugby or simply cutting a rug on a Saturday night.

What’s more, part of the proceeds go to cancer charities, so not only will the dads in your life have the most stylish and well-fitting boxers around, it’s a gift that does good too.  

A spa day

Spa days are an overwhelmingly popular choice for Mothers day and with deals and discount sites they can be surprisingly affordable too. But as much as they are a classic go-to for mums they also make an ideal option for the style-conscious dad. 

A facial is the ideal rejuvenating gift for a hard-working dad. Pair it with a massage, and he’ll come back refreshed and raring to go. Why not make it a whole day affair by choosing a spa that offers access to a pool, saunas, steam rooms and more and let him lounge around in the slippers and a bathrobe before and after treatments?

Consider a manicure if timing or budget won’t stretch to a full-on spa day. A manicure to shape, buff and shine nails is like a well-placed accessory. You might not be able to put your finger on exactly why, but it brings an outfit together and elevates it to new heights.  


After two years of lockdowns and WFH situations, loungewear has come into its own as a genre of fashion. With more time spent at home, there has been a rise in what my nephew has titled- comfies. 

Not pyjamas but not everyday wear either. Comfies are the type of outfits that let you stretch, let you breathe but are acceptable to answer the door in. To be honest, it’s what many work from home outfits consisted of once we realised we weren’t headed back into the office any time soon. Even if the dad you are buying for has gone back to the daily commute, stylish comfies make an excellent gift.

Give the silk pyjamas a pass and instead look for items like cashmere joggers or a thermal T-shirt made of pure silk.

So there you have it—a quick list of inspirations to kickstart your Father’s Day planning. Get them one thing from the list or go the whole hog and let them know they are the best dad in the world with a cavalcade of stylish goods fit for a king.