Gifts Every Man Will Love

Let’s face it, sometimes getting gifts for guys seems downright impossible. You can spend hours searching online only to be left uninspired or unsure of if any of your gift ideas will hit the mark with them.

Especially for the man in your life, that means something extra special to you, we understand where your extra pressure to find the perfect gift is coming from. You of course want to get him a gift that is thoughtful, different and shows just how much you care. But you also don’t want to break your budget or waste your funds on a gift he never actually uses.

To help you conquer the gift searching dilemma, we’ve sourced and scoured for a range of gifts that every man will love. The trick to selecting the right one is really simple—the one that you are drawn to. After all, a gift is simply that and you shouldn’t stress about how much he will like it. The best part about any gift you give your man is the thoughtfulness that is attached to it.

So search through our recommendations below and know that whatever gift you choose for your man, he will absolutely love.

For the Athletic Man

If your man is one who loves to get his sweat on, why not get him a collection of quality workout shirts? The best ones you can get him will be made out of sustainable materials like bamboo and organic cotton and designed to ensure that he doesn’t stink it up by the end of his workout. Plus, when you gift him quality workout shirts, you are also giving him the ultimate weekend t-shirt attire too. Most men love to keep it simple when it comes to their style and the workout shirt is a great gift to give for those that are sporty and always on the run—literally!

For the Music Loving Man

If your man loves music then get him the gift of great tunes! Look no further than the deluxe edition of tea for the tillerman, which celebrates Cat Stevens’ most beloved music. A true music lover will appreciate these hits from the 1970s and especially love the vinyl album that comes with the set. They will also get access to the ultimate TV performances and other live recordings that are now a cherished part of musical history. Even if your man doesn’t know who Cat Stevens is just yet, introducing them to this music will be something that changes their life for the better long-term.

For the Pet Loving Man

If your man has two great loves—you and his furry friend, then getting him animal portraits of his pet is one of the best gifts you could possibly ever give him. These portraits are hand-designed with care and love and you can preview every detail before the printing process is made. Choose from having his pet painted as an astronaut, a princess, an admiral or even a WWII veteran. This portrait will blow your man’s mind and he will love that you love his pet too. It is a creative gift that any pet loving man will cherish for the rest of his life.

For the Handy Man

If your man loves to fix things and use his hands then gifting him the ultimate multi-use tool is the way to go. It is a gift that will bode well for him at home, out in the wilderness or on his next trip. Because it is lightweight, compact and perfectly balanced, he can basically use it for anything he needs to. Plus, it will be a great trophy item for him to show off in his living room and something that he will certainly be impressed you chose for him!

For the Sports Fanatic Man

If your man is obsessed with sports, then you are in luck because there are a range of options to choose from with this type of guy. You could go all out and get him two tickets so that the two of you can attend the next live game of his favorite team. You can get him a customized jersey with his own name on it. You can get him signed memorabilia by his favorite players. Honestly, the sports fanatic man makes it easy to get gifts that you know they will love.

For the Tech Loving Man

If your man loves technology and geeking out, then you are also in luck as there are a range of gifts to fit every budget and still win him over. Get him an Alexa so he can turn his home into a smart house. Or get him the new Ray-Ban technology sunglasses that allows him to access social media in style. There are also a ton of gadgets for his smartphone you can get him that will allow him to take hands-free photos or re-charge remotely.

For the Coffee Drinking Man

Gift him the scents of aromatic coffee with a coffee bean subscription. If your man loves his morning cup of coffee, then giving him the gift of a wide selection of locally brewed beans will certainly brighten up his morning and make him also think of you at the start of his day. He can work on perfecting his latte art or cold brew collections and will love your gift for months to come.

For the BBQ Grilling Man

If your man is someone who loves to get behind the BBQ and sizzle steaks, then getting him his own charcoal BBQ is certainly the way to go. He can take this BBQ set with him anywhere he wants to go—from the beach to his own backyard and cook up a delicious dinner for the two of you. Or, if you are on a bit more of a budget, getting him the gift of a BBQ spice and marinade set is just as delicious. This gift also benefits you, as you will likely get some delicious meals out of it!

For the Fashionable Man

If your man loves fashion, why not get him the gift of a personal styling session? You can book these at a range of department and luxury stores and he will love getting new inspiration for pieces to include in his style. Plus, he’ll get tips from other fashion gurus who appreciate great style as much as he does. To make this gift even greater, book a session for the two of you! It is something you can bond over and make great memories, and outfits, from.

For the Car Loving Man

IF your man loves fast cars, then get him the gift of driving his favorite luxury race car on a speedway. He will be fizzing at the ability to drive these speedy cars around the track and get the chance to geek out over all the little details. It will be an experience that he will remember forever and is the best alternative to actually purchasing him his favorite luxury car!

Getting a gift for your man doesn’t have to be rocket science. With a range of options for each type of man, you are sure to win him over with your thoughtfulness. From workout gear to memorable experiences, what gift will you be splurging on for him next?