The 5 Features Every Men’s Coat Hanger Should Have

You come home after a long day at the office, and you’re ready to swap your suit for more casual attire. Chances are you probably hang your suit jacket up without much thought. After all, if you’ve made the effort to store your suit in the closet, you’re doing everything you can to take care of your professional attire.

However, your best suits require thoughtful care, which includes using appropriate suit hangers for your sports coat, along with your trousers. The wrong hanger can actually damage the suit, which can reduce its life and impact its appearance. On the other hand, the investment in proper hangers can extend the life of your suit and protect your professional wardrobe in between wears.

Read on to learn about hangers for men and the top five features that sturdy and reliable coat hangers must have. 

Are All Men’s Coat Hangers Created the Same?

You put plenty of thought into your professional attire, selecting high-quality, flattering suits for your wardrobe. You probably carefully consider your accessories too, from belts to shoes and socks. Perhaps you desire a well-organized closet and have put plenty of effort into creating a luxurious space.

However, it’s possible that you haven’t put too much thought into the coat hangers that you use. After all, a hanger is a hanger. Or is it? While all men’s coat hangers might feature a similar structure, they aren’t all created equally. Assess your current hangers by evaluating these factors, which impact the quality of your hangers and how they affect the condition of your clothes.

Your Hanger’s Construction

Your hangers are primarily defined by their construction. Consider what your suit coat hanger is made of to determine if you’re giving your professional attire the best storage. Here’s the positive and negative about different types of hangers.

1) Wire Hangers

Wire hangers are easy to acquire and, as a result, might make up most of the hangers in your closet. After all, every time you send your suit out for dry cleaning, it comes home on a wire hanger. So, why not keep it hanging on it for long-term storage? 

Unfortunately, wire hangers aren’t sturdy, and they lose their shape easily. In particular, under the weight of a heavy suit coat, the wire hanger will likely bend. As a result, your coat isn’t properly supported and, in turn, might lose its shape. Even worse, you might step into the closet to realize that your suit coat slid right off of the slippery wire hanger due to its weight.

2) Plastic Hangers

Plastic hangers are another popular choice for clothes storage. They’re economical and easy to find, so chances are you can find some plastic hangers in your closet. However, like wire hangers, these plastic hangers aren’t your most durable option. As a result, that doesn’t make them the best choice for suit coats. Even more, over time, plastic hangers can degrade, which can result in them snagging your suit coat and damaging the fabric. 

3) Wood Hangers

Wood hangers are your most durable option. They’re crafted of materials like solid beech wood, which is a sturdy wood that holds up well year after year. As a result, these hangers are capable of supporting even your heaviest wool suit coat. Thanks to this sturdiness, the hangers also help your suit retain its shape so that it always looks professional when you slip it on. 

So, not all men’s coat hangers are created the same. While many options are inexpensive and easily accessible, they aren’t the most durable option for your high-quality suit coats. Your suit is an investment. Your suit hangers, too, should be an investment to extend the life of your professional wardrobe.

What Features Your Coats NEED

You want to take care of your high-quality wardrobe, and this starts with the right coat hangers in your closet. Keep in mind that your coats probably spend more time on the hanger than they do on you, which means that suit storage is incredibly important. Without proper storage, you can alter the shape of your suit and diminish its quality and, in turn, its longevity. Proper care of your professional attire allows you to enjoy your favorite suits for years to come.

So, as you shop for hangers for men, look for these five features that your coats need.

1) Wooden Construction

There’s no doubt: Wood is the most durable material for your professional attire. So, you want your suit coat hangers to be crafted of wood. Beech wood is a particularly durable solid wood that ensures that your coat is properly stored in your closet in between wears. So, ditch the wire and plastic hangers and choose wooden hangers to instantly update your closet and improve your clothes storage.

2) Single Piece Design

Not all wood hangers are made equally. Some styles are crafted of two pieces for each shoulder, which can diminish the overall durability of the coat hanger. Instead, you want to choose a suit coat hanger with shoulders that are made of a single piece of wood. These hangers boast exceptional and unmatched durability that will certainly make your hanger worth the investment because it will hang in your closet for years to come. 

3) The Right Width

Your suit coat size should dictate the size of your hanger. A well-sized hanger is best equipped to support your coat and help you retain its shape. So, when you’re shopping for wooden coat hangers, you want to find one that offers different sizes depending on your coat size. Typically, you want a 16.5-inch hanger for suit coat sizes 38 to 42 and an 18-inch hanger for suit coat sizes 43 to 48.

4) Solid Metal Hooks

The finishing touch to a high-quality wooden coat hanger is a solid metal hook. When inserted into the solid wood hanger, these hooks enhance the overall durability of the piece. They hold up well for years to come, never breaking away from the hanger. Solid metal hooks deliver just the support your high-quality wooden hanger needs.

5) A Uniform Finish

If you want to create a luxury closet, choose a single finish for your wooden hanger for a uniform look throughout the space. When you’re shopping for men’s hangers, you can find a variety of versatile wood finishes, including espresso, butterscotch or white. Select your favorite finish and incorporate it exclusively in your closet.

Where to Find the Best Men’s Coat Hangers

Now that you know that wooden suit hangers are a must for your professional attire, it’s time to shop for the right styles in your home. 

At Butler Luxury, you can find luxury items for your closet, including men’s wooden hangers. These hangers are crafted of Grade A solid beech wood from Germany, delivering just the durability you desire. 

Even more, you can combine these coat hangers with other Butler Luxury products, including hangers with a trouser bar that allow you to hang your pants without creating any creases. You’ll also find high-quality hangers for men’s shirts and more, so you can mix and match hanger styles to create a custom closet.

Why Invest in New Coat Hangers Today?

New coat hangers instantly update your closet. Your coats and jackets need exceptional care, and the right coat hanger allows you to keep them in top condition. The right coat hangers retain your jacket’s shape, protect the fabric, and hold up well for years to come. 

Plus, a closet filled with sleek wooden coat hangers instantly updates the look of your closet. So, consider improving the look and function of your closet with new luxury wooden hangers today.

Mike Cregan Bio

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