How Do Lepro LED Lights Help Us?

Lepro LED store lights are widely used in stores, garages, workshops as well as other retail applications. They are also called LED garage lights.

Lepro 4 ‘Linkable Hanging LED Shop Light is an economical alternative to a 100W fluorescent bulb. The light comes with a hook, mounting chains, and a screw package to enable easy installation. Alternatively, the company offers a 5-year warranty to eliminate any concerns about the return or service.

Hanging 4ft LED Shop Lights:

If you hang 4ft LED lights from the ceiling, make sure the products come with all the necessary accessories. For example, the interlocking studs, hooks and cords etc. Lepro products come with all the necessary accessories. In most cases, it is better to choose because of the effect of bright light. The place you want to hang 4ft lepro led shop lights should be clean, so it will be working for longtime. 

Important Features of 4ft Lepro LED Shop Light:

1. LED Store Connection:

You can connect eight units to this 4 ft LED hanging shop light connection. You are 8 Units Max Connection. The store lamp is designed to connect, and connects 8 PCs and a pocket end connector. 

2. Lepro Shop Light With FCC As Well As ETL:

Lepro Shop lamps by ETL and FCC are guaranteed for safety insurance, and we offer a five year warranty to make sure your satisfaction.

3. Led Light Store Save Energy

High quality lepro led shop lights are widely used for energy efficiency, which can reduce your electricity bill by up to 60%.

4. Long Lifespan Store Lighting:

It has a maximum of 50,000hrs Lifespan. High quality led shop lights and building materials ensure it has a high level of light and a long life of 50,000h.

  • 135lm / W High Brightness

It’s Super Bright. The 40W LED store light delivers 5000K bright light, equivalent to natural daylight.

Wide Use Of 4ft Lepro LED Shop Light:

LED Store Light Application Enlighten Your Space. 5000K white store lamps, 4ft connecting Lepro store lamps can illuminate a variety of space, such as supermarkets, basements, studios, kitchens, gyms, offices, garages, factories, workshops, warehouses, equipment rooms, etc.

Why 4ft LED Shop Lights Easy To Use?

There are some reasons which are given below:

Save Money: After earning an Energy-star certificate, these energy saving lights download incentives and discounts on service providers that help save money.

High performance: The Lepro 4ft 40W LED store lamp is equivalent to 100W fluorescent tube light. Installing a Lepro lamp will save 60% on electricity bills, thus saving money, energy, and the environment.

Easy Installation: Lepro LED shop lights are equipped with accessories such as a hook, hanging chains, a removable screw pack, and a connector. You can install them smoothly and effortlessly on the roof and walls of garages, workshops, shopping malls, basements, supermarkets, etc.

Five Year Warranty: Lepro 40W 4 ft LED store lights are ETL guaranteed for a five year warranty. Please do not hesitate to contact our support team if you have any questions about our LED garage lights.

Lepro lights make your home or business magical. You can find all kinds of magical features given below for details:

  1. RGB LED strip lamps are available.
  2. Smart LED strip lamps are available.
  3. Music sync feature is available. 
  4. RGB + IC makes magic easier. For example, the color of the waterfall style changes.
  • How To Install Lepro Lights?

Lepro products are very easy to install. Just follow these 3 simple steps as follows:

  1. Dry and clean the surface
  2. Remove the lamp, and cut the light bulb if needed
  3. Stick to a light clip on the face

Step 1: Dry And Clean Your Face

Before sticking to any strip lamps, clean the area where you will place the lepro lights. This is important to keep in mind for a long time to come. It is recommended that you use your flash lights in smooth, stable areas.

Step 2: Remove The Lamp, And Cut The Light Bulb If Needed:

Lepro strip lights come wrapped in spool. Just specify the length of the lighting you will be working with, remove the adhesive support and stick to the desired location. Press down on each part of the line so that it sticks firmly to the face and you do not have air bubbles.

  • How To Bind Led LED Strip Lights:

You can use adjusting clips to tighten the installation of the strip light and ensure that they stay in place. Turn off the adhesive tape and apply it to the face with a non-adhesive surface over the line lamp. If you choose, you can further protect the clip by popping it up.

Step 3: Connect The Lepro Light Strip And Turn On The Light:

When your unlocking lights are secure, you can attach them to the controller and power adapter, and connect them to the power supply like the one from Bravo Electro. Using the remote, first remove the input sheet, press any color on the remote to change the lighting color.

  • How To Cut The Lepro Lights:

Each line lamp has selected sections where you can cut a line. Ensure straight cuts only on these selected parts. Cutting in the unselected area will damage the strip lights.

How Do You Connect The Cables?

To connect the two light sections together, use a connector clip. Press the open end of each line into a clip, and then close it to lock it.

Lepro LED Strips Lights:

To make your simple strips around the corner, use one corner connector and 2 clip connectors.

How Can You Cut Off Lepro Lights?

Lepro products have cut the brand you know on the LEDs. Just cut the excess into the marking area. Normally, it can be cut every three LEDs.

How Can You Connect Lepro Lights?

  1. Make sure the large wattage of the power adapter is sufficient for the strips you want to connect. You can get wattage information with the instruction of the power adapter and LED straps.
  2. Use the Lepro connector to connect the two straps easily.