How Does Debate Help Critical Thinking?

Critical thinking is a much-needed skill that is gained through experience and mental exercises. Most people even study this skill through different courses either in-class or online. It equips a person to make a sound judgment using logical arguments and see the biases through clearly. All politicians and leaders use these strategies to mold public opinion. Hence, critical thinking enables a person to see through the argument and make sound judgments. Why narrative text is essential and, here are the few points that shed light on the benefits of debate towards critical thinking.

Pools of New Information

One of the most useful purposes about the debate is the introduction or generation of information pools. Many people have different valuable experiences and pieces of information. When they are gathered on a bench with a single issue, everyone contributes towards that issue with their experience and knowledge. Arguments and counter-arguments are proposed and in such a way, it’s easier to find solutions about a particular issue. Such healthy debates enhance an individual’s knowledge and help him be more critical to gain the support of the group.

Brain Storming Through Observation

When a group of people starts discussing about a topic, where everyone is entitled to contribute something, it is important that people propose information accordingly to their beliefs. An opportunity to know the audience and how to propagate through the debate to win the people based on an individual’s opinion. In such a setting, an individual learns to differentiate himself and the audience and prepares to convince them on his side through reasoning. Such observation and ability enhance the critical thinking

Multiple Opinions and Easier Judgement

In a debate, many people participate in a certain topic. Some will be against the topic and some will favor it. A spectator of audience would get to hear multiple opinions from both parties and would have enough evidence to judge. For instance, a party using strong emotions to convince rather than using logical reasoning is surely trying to convince people through fallacies. Whereas, the other party uses factual information and relate things towards an issue and hence, providing logic behind their debate. Now, the spectator would easily differentiate between the stronger party with logical reasoning and would support in the end.

Classroom Setting for Learning

It is rather seen that the concepts are cleared through debating rather than reading from the textbooks in classrooms. The children who prefer to debate about the problems of the lesson and holding a Question/Answer session in the class seems to have better grades and learning power than those kids who do not participate in the debate. The purpose of the debate to go through every aspect of the problem and gain a deeper understanding and concepts about the problem and providing solutions. Hence, a debate is a learning experience where an individual learns about the problem in its entirety and propose solutions.

Seeing Through the Biasness

One of the main aspects of critical thinking is to see through biasness. Whenever there is a bias, a strong ulterior motive is behind. Hence, to avoid falling prey to any of the fallacies and rhetoric, a person needs to be fully aware of the words’ intention being spoken at a particular debate. As it’s said earlier, a debate introduces people’s belief about a certain issue and their intentions towards proving their point, an individual might get the hint of where the debate is going and what possible outcomes it might bring. Hence, listening closely and paying attention to enhance a person’s experience towards pointing out fallacies and rhetoric in a debate and make decisions accordingly.


Critical Thinking skill is a must have in todays’ era. Many people use different platforms to initiate a debate and convert people towards their motive, which could be devastating if used by the wrong people. Hence, a person should be of a strong mind and equipped with the skill to analyze information, all the aspects of the stated problem, and propose a just solution for everyone to follow. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that critical thinking is a must have skill for the leaders, as it may lead to public support and strong just decision.