4 Man Cave Misconceptions That Need to Go Away

It’s a mystery why every house doesn’t have a man cave. There are rooms for sleeping, rooms for cooking, eating, lounging and laundering. It stands to reason that there should be a room dedicated to fun. Clearing a space in your basement or lower level dedicated to recreation, hobby and relaxation is a far more useful than allowing a basement to languish in a state of semi-disrepair.

And yet, there are still people who’d rather leave their basement or lower level unfinished. Most of the blame for that is probably due to a few common misconceptions surrounding man caves. So, in this article, let’s dispel a few commonly held false impressions about man caves, and clear a little air.

They’re Just for Men

It may have been a bastion for the boys at one time, but the idea that a man cave is only useful to the men in the house is out-dated. Sure, you hear “man cave” and you might still conjure up memories of Tim Taylor’s garage from Home Improvement, but as the times have changed so too has the man cave.

In truth, a man cave more closely resembles a rec room, albeit one that stay true to the rustic and bespoke décor of old studies, bars and games rooms. Often, a man cave centers on an entertainment system, games (like pool or darts) and an area for refreshments – things everyone in the family can enjoy.

They Should Be Dingy and Dark

This common misconception might be a leading reason people are hesitant to renovate their basements. It doesn’t have to be dark. Installing good quality windows in a man cave is important not only to lower your utilities bills but to provide ample sunlight as well.

Awning, casement or slider windows are all fantastic choices for a downstairs project, allowing fresh air and bright sunlight in while preserving energy in the winter.

They Aren’t Supposed to Be Stylish

Again, this is a holdover from a bygone era of man caves, with light-up beer signs on the wall and cracked leather couches in front of a TV. A man cave, in reality, can be whatever you want it to be. Add pops of colour for a more playful downstairs area, or stick to an elegant hard wood motif for something more sophisticated.

They’re an Inessential Part of the Home

Not every room in the house has to be a utility. You spend at least a third of your life – probably more – at home, so clearing a space dedicated for personal enjoyment is important. A man cave should be a place of refuge, somewhere you can go after a long day of work that’s optimized for your pleasure and relaxation. It may just improve your work performance.

Don’t buy in to the misconceptions. With unique decorations catering to your personal taste, quality windows allowing fresh air and light in, games and entertainment, you can create a man cave that feels less like a stodgy boys club and more like an important part of your home.