How to Add Individuality to Any Outfit

What you wear tells people what kind of person you are. If you constantly follow trends and shy away from experimentation, then others will assume your personality has no discernible traits, too. So, if you want to show off your uniqueness, then it is time to shake up your outfits. 

Branching out when it comes to clothing can be difficult, especially if you’ve always stayed in your comfort zone. Once you find your flair, however, you’ll love how easy it is to express yourself. If you’re ready to show off your unique personality with style, then here are the ways to add individuality to any outfit. 

Customize Your Shoes

Most people buy a pair of shoes without once thinking about how they can change the style. With shoe paint, you can revive an old pair of shoes with a pop of color or make a new pair to show off your uniqueness with intricate designs. With these paints, you have endless options when it comes to customization, so your shoes will most certainly be your own.  

Choose One Bold Color

You don’t have to use an array of patterns and colors to show off a unique style. Using simple, classic clothes with one pop of color can stand out even more, so you show off your individuality while staying classy. 

For example, if you have an elegant black dress, then why not pair it with a bright red headband or a sunshine-yellow pair of square toe heels? The color will pop much better next to muted colors rather than a mess of rainbow.

Wear Interesting Accessories

You don’t have to wear full vintage to show off your unique style. Sometimes, a couple of interesting accessories are enough to take an outfit from dull to fun. So, if you have a crisp white shirt paired with an A-line skirt, then you could add some character by wearing a bold choker, an arm of bangles, or an adorable pair of earrings

Sew Patches

At 4incustompatch, you can find an array of different patches to sew onto your clothes. You can even customize the patches to better reflect your personality. These patches are designed with minute detail, ensuring that your outfit will be one of a kind.

There are plenty of online stores that sell large ranges of patches, so whether you want to show off your taste for classic cinema or your love of modern-day cartoons, you can do so with a simple act of sewing. 

Wear a Home-Made Piece

If you want to be sure your clothes are truly your own, why not experiment with making your clothes? Invest in a sewing machine and pick up some attractive fabrics and get to work on creating pieces of clothing that show your uniqueness. If you’ve never used a sewing machine before, don’t worry, as there are plenty of tutorials online. 

Pair Items You Usually Wouldn’t

It’s easy to fall into the habit of pairing the same items over and over. When was the last time you experimented with wardrobe pairing? While that pair of blue jeans and a classic white t-shirt might fit together like jelly and ice-cream, there might be a better pairing that shows off your style hiding in plain sight.