Diamond Ring Shopping 101: How and Where to Buy Engagement Rings

Engagement rings mark the start of a beautiful journey. Purchasing the right engagement ring for your partner can often be a daunting task. You have to consider the clarity, cut quality, shape, and color of the diamond to begin with. Then there’s your budget, type of metal, and carat weight of the diamond.

The right approach will save you from a headache while buying the perfect engagement ring. Whether you are starting from scratch or already have inspirations, our expert tips will help you land the ideal engagement ring.

1. Set Your Budget

Set a budget considering your financial situation. You must also take into account the preferences of your partner. Don’t follow traditional rules while setting your budget.

2. Choose a shape

Choosing the shape of the diamond is an essential consideration. You can choose from oval-shaped rings to heart-shaped ones. There are different shapes of diamonds that blend perfectly with different personalities. And at you can find any of your choice.

Some prefer statement round solitaire rings while others may opt for a cushion cut. If your partner prefers something unique, then you can opt for a pear-shaped engagement ring.

Shapes like marquise cut or emerald cut offer a bigger shape than their actual carat weight. Your preferred shape will also determine the setting style. You must ensure that the diamond is securely set.

3. Consider your partner’s style

Engagement rings are all about finding the right style for your partner. Consider whether she loves modern designs or vintage ones. You must also check whether most of her jewelry is made of yellow gold or white gold?

You can go through your accessories and clothing to gain some insight into her style. You can also seek recommendations from her family or close friends. If your partner prefers a sleek and sharp style, then opt for a statement platinum engagement ring. If you can’t decide, you can look for designs from Ideaure and explore pieces of jewelry for your loved one.

4. Find the perfect metal

Usually, there are four main options when it comes to the band metal – white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and platinum. You must find the color that will perfectly complement the style of your partner. However, we recommend opting for a white gold band over platinum. White gold is less expensive and easy to maintain than platinum.

If you want something affordable you can opt for a 14k gold. 14k gold is cheaper than the standard 18k ones. However, they look equally beautiful and stunning.

5. Choose the ideal clarity and color

A diamond has four main characteristics namely the 4 C’s – clarity, color, cut, and carat. If you want to cut down your budget you can opt for the range of G-I. This range offers a relatively colorless diamond within your budget. The D-F range offers the best diamonds but they are a bit pricey.

If you want a diamond free of any flaws then opt for the VS2 or VS1 clarity. Blemishes and inclusions are not noticeable to the naked eye at these grades.

6. Choose your setting

Engagement rings are available in various settings to meet the personality of all couples. You can opt for a simple and elegant solitaire design or a vintage ring.

If your partner has a busy lifestyle you can consider a flush setting or a bezel setting. These settings won’t make the diamond protrude too much like other styles. You can also go for custom settings by talking to your jeweler.

7. Get the perfect size for your partner

The right ring must have the right size of your partner. An incorrect size can ruin the engagement excitement and ceremony. Resizing an incorrectly sized ring can take even weeks depending on the setting and style. You must measure the size of your partner’s finger or use any of her old rings for reference purposes.

8. Don’t forget about the diamond certificate

It is essential to procure the lab certification for your diamond. The certificate will state the carat weight, cut quality, clarity, and color of your diamond. It will save you from investing in a poor quality diamond.

The Best Jewelers for Buying Diamonds

Here are some of the best places to buy diamond jewelry.

1. Whiteflash

Whiteflash is one of the best online diamond jewelry stores for engagement rings. Whiteflash also owns a flagship store in Houston, Texas. They offer a grading certificate to assure you of their highest quality diamonds and superior cut quality.

They specialize in producing premium diamonds with world-class cut quality. Their signature “A Cut Above®” is priced at a 30% hike than the inferior quality ones. However, the brand also sells an extensive range of diamonds with different cut quality.

Whiteflash offers an exquisite collection of designer engagement rings and superior settings. They will provide you with the most breathtaking and unique diamond engagement rings.

2. Blue Nile

Established in 1999, Blue Nile is the largest e-commerce retailer of high-quality and certified diamonds. They are listed under the symbol of NILE on NASDAQ. The Blue Nile offers diamonds at a discounted price which gives them an edge over traditional brick-and-mortar retailers.

You can filter more than 80,000 diamonds by their color, cut, clarity,  price, and shape. If you are an advanced user you can also search by fluorescence and polish. They have a 30-day exchange and return policy.

3. James Allen

James Allen is another reliable online jeweler with the most unique collection of engagement rings. They also have offices in the famous diamond districts of New York and Maryland. This brand specializes in custom-set diamond engagement rings and loose diamonds.

James Allen offers the best diamonds at competitive prices. You don’t have to travel to a famous diamond district to procure the perfect one. They have a price range of 4,500 dollars to 10,200 dollars for a 1-carat diamond ring with an H-F color and VS1-VS2 clarity.

Their online site comes with an intuitive comparison tool and diamond search option. You can filter your search by your preferred carats, clarity, price, cut, and shape. James Allen offers a 60-day easy return policy with free shipping and warranty.

4. Brilliant Earth

The Brilliant Earth jeweler is guided by its environmental and social responsibility. They offer better quality diamonds at more affordable prices than most of your regular brick-and-mortar jewelers. They ensure that their diamonds are sustainable and reasonably-sourced.

They have thousands of synthetic and natural diamonds to choose from. You can easily filter your search based on the 4 Cs, shape, and price. Brilliant Earth has a 3D image tool and Diamond quiz section to help you choose the perfect gem.

5. Harry Winston

Founded in 1932, Harry Winston has been offering the best quality diamonds for the last 80 years. The brand meets the highest standards in its color, carat, clarity, and cut. They provide unique diamond products that are attractive and stunning.

The brand delivers faultless quality, natural diamonds, and superior character. Their diamonds are free of all blemishes and inclusions. The accurate cut of the diamonds discloses their radiant fire and distinctive brilliance.

Final Thoughts

Buying a diamond engagement ring for your partner should not be a daunting or stressful process. Following our above tips will help you find the exact ring you are searching for. It will save you from the common pitfalls and traps. Check out our recommended jewelers to find the highest quality diamond at competitive prices. Let us know which one you are choosing!