How to Apply Deodorant: 5 Tips to Make Your Deodorant More Effective

Most of us simply grab a deodorant stick, apply it on our underarms, and we’re set to go about our day. It may seem this simple, and you may still wonder why your deodorant isn’t giving the desired results. Well, most probably, you’re applying it the wrong way.

Furthermore, you also need to make sure your skin isn’t getting irritated by the deodorant you’re using. People with sensitive skin don’t do great with chemical-based deodorants. You can find a great natural deodorant in UK or anywhere in the world that best suits you by researching the market.

In this article, we’ll share the top 5 tips with you to make your deodorant more effective.

Tip #1: Prep Your Skin

Are you still having stinky armpits, regardless of applying deodorant throughout the day? Well, you need to prep your skin the right way before you apply it. Sweat itself doesn’t cause bad body odor. Instead, it’s the odor-causing bacteria that, when mixed with sweat, leads to an unpleasant smell.

Make sure you use a gentle cleanser to wash your armpits when taking a shower in the morning. Moreover, exfoliating your armpits once or twice a week with a gentle exfoliator, like glycolic acid will help you increase your skin’s acidity to ward off stink-causing bacteria.

Tip #2: Make Sure Your Armpits Are Dry

Almost everyone is in a hurry in the morning to go about their day. Therefore, this is a major mistake that many of us are guilty of making: not waiting for our armpits to completely dry after showering.

Once you’ve showered, gently pat your underarms with a towel and allow a few minutes to let them dry before you apply deodorant. If you can’t wait even a few minutes, you can always use a blow-dryer on cool settings. This will make your deodorant more effective during application.

Tip #3: Mind the Hair

Armpit hair holds onto moisture, which makes your underarms sweatier, allows more bacteria activity, and causes your armpits to stink even more. In addition, having hair on your armpits means that the ingredients in the deodorant don’t properly reach and get absorbed by your skin. Instead, they get stuck in your hair.

Hence, it’s better to shave your armpits to get rid of hair, allow the ingredients to reach your skin directly, and let your deodorant work more effectively.

Tip #4: Apply an Even Coating

You need to take your time when applying deodorant to your skin. Make sure you apply your deodorant stick evenly and slowly 2–3 times in each direction, as this will allow proper coverage.

If you’re using a natural deodorant, you may have to hold the deodorant against the skin for a while to allow the product to melt for smooth application.  

Tip #5: Don’t Get Dressed Immediately After Applying Deodorant

If you get dressed up immediately after applying deodorant, it won’t get absorbed by your skin properly. Instead, the product will transfer to your clothes and won’t be as effective.

That’s why you should wait for a while for your deodorant to dry before wearing your clothes. You can always move your arms to allow the flow of air and minimize the waiting time.