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How to Choose a Projector for Home?

While we all know about indoor games and entertainment, how many of us truly indulged in them before 2019? But post COVID-19, we all have learnt that staying indoors can also be fun and entertaining. Living in the digital age means you can deoend on technology to fulfill all your entertainment needs. Whether it’s your gym, restaurant, games zone, or theatre, you can now enjoy everything from home. Yes, home theatres make watching movies at home just as enjoyable as in a multiplex! All you really need is a comfy couch, a bowl of popcorn, good quality speakers and the right screen projector. But how do you know which projector suits your requirements? Among the many projectors for home theatre available in the market, selecting one can be very confusing and challenging. Here are a few things to consider that will help you find the right projector that meets all your movie-watching needs!

Consider How You’ll Use it

First thing you need to think about is its use. How will you use the projector will decide a lot of things that you should look for in the product. Are you looking for a projector strictly for your entertainment needs or do you plan to use it for your home office or business needs? Projector used for business do not require full HD display and can work with a good amount of lighting and some simple connection to computers. However, a projector for movies will need full HD display and better color and video adjustment modes suited for movie display. Plus they will need to reproduce all or most of the Rec709 color gamut that’s used for HDTV and home videos. 

Think of the Space Needed

Another thing to consider is the space where you’ll install your projector. If you’re using a living room or den for movie nights, then you’ll need a projector with better brightness and resolution. However, if you’ve dedicated a separate room for home theatre and can turn off the lights when watching a movie, you should go for a high-end home theatre that delivers truly clear image, dark black levels, and a high contrast ratio. These projectors can give you more rich, vivid, and colorful picture quality. The size of the room you’re using also makes a lot of difference in which projector you can buy. If you have a large room, any normal projector with a reasonable throw-lens would work. However, if the room is small, you’ll need a projector with a short throw lens that can cast a full large screen image from a short distance. 

Consider Your Screen Size and Features 

Among other things that you need to consider, screen size is most important. Depending on the screen size you want, your projector needs will also vary. A bigger screen will need more resolution and better aspect ratio. With a bigger screen, you will also require more light output from your projector. Look for a projector with at least 2000 ANSI lumens light output to getvgood picture and brightness. There are many other features a projector can offer. Check all the features and choose a projector that gives you most of the features you want. 

When buying a screen projector, it is natural to have a lot of questions. You can use the above tips to do a thorough research and buy a projector that meets all your needs.