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How to Choose a Wall-Mounted Toilet

New designs require new technologies, and that’s the main reason people tend to choose wall-mounted toilets instead of the old-fashioned models. After all, such a design is not just a tribute to fashion but also has many practical advantages. A wall-mounted toilet can become a nice and convenient decoration for a bathroom both in a mansion and a small apartment. All you need to know is how to choose the proper option of a wall-mounted toilet. By the way, you can check for the newest toilets on the Sanitary Review blog.

The Main Criteria for Choosing a Wall-Mounted Toilet

In fact, choosing a wall-mounted toilet isn’t a big deal since the process doesn’t differ from choosing an ordinary toilet bowl. However, there are several features you have to pay attention to:

Choosing the material of the toilet

  • Faience.

This material provides good quality for a fair price. On the one hand, it is attractive, quite easy to care for, and durable (although the enamel may wear out soon). On the other hand, the cost of a faience toilet bowl is reasonable.

  • Porcelain.

The addition of quartz and feldspar to the clay makes such ceramics more wear-resistant. The service life of porcelain sanitary ware exceeds 25 years. Besides, such a toilet looks more elegant. True, its price is noticeably higher than that of the faience model.

  • Other materials.

In addition to ceramics, mounted toilet bowls are also made of stainless steel, acrylic, artificial stone, and even glass. However, they all have different disadvantages: steel looks uncomfortable, the stone models are expensive, while acrylic are short-lived, and glass must be thoroughly cleaned.

Shape & size

  • The shape.

Today’s market offers a huge selection of wall-mounted toilet shapes: semicircular and oval, square, and rectangular, as well as more complex shapes. When you choose one, focus on your taste and interior style. Also, rounded models are easier to clean than angular ones.

  • Bowl. The bottom of a wall-mounted toilet bowl can be disc-shaped, visor-shaped, or funnel-shaped. The first one is the cheapest, but it provides more water consumption and poor cleaning. The second type is more economical and less splashing, but a funnel-shaped bowl is considered the most convenient one.
  • Dimensions. The standard length of a wall-mounted toilet is 54-60 cm. However, for really small toilets, you can find a shorter model. For example, you can choose a toilet that is 60-70 cm long.

Does the color of the toilet matter?

Absolutely. In addition to the standard white in all its shades, you can pick up the plumbing of almost any possible color: black, beige, blue, brown, gold, etc. There are models with patterns and fashionable designs, too, so you will find something to match your bathroom.

The wall-mounted toilet lid and other extra features

Your new mounted toilet should not only serve as a decoration to the bathroom but also be useful. That’s why manufacturers create additional features. The most widespread are:

  • a seat with a lid (normal or with a micro lift system for smooth and soft lowering onto the plumbing bowl);
  • the antibacterial coating that prevents the spreading of microorganisms harmful to health;
  • the anti-splash system, which will protect from flying splashes;
  • heated toilet seat;
  • built-in water supply nozzle (satisfies the need to install a full-fledged bidet in the bathroom);
  • a blow-dryer integrated into the rim;
  • advanced control: sensors and even remote controlling systems.

Now you know how to choose a proper wall-mounted toilet that will satisfy your needs and become a fashionable decoration to your bathroom. Rely on your taste, and don’t forget about the useful features, and you’ll make the right choice.