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Exploring the Uniqueness of Finnish Interior Design: What Sets It Apart From Other Styles?

Finland is a country of majestic beauty, from its enchanting forests to its pristine lakes. Its interior design is no different, boasting a unique style that has been shaped by the country’s long history and cultural influences. While it shares many similarities with other Scandinavian styles, the Finnish dining table followed by interior design has several distinct characteristics that set it apart. 

Characteristics of Finnish Interior Design

Natural Materials

The use of nature-friendly materials is what makes the Finnish interior design material the best choice for people who want to avoid the harsh look coming from their furniture. The material comes from the trees in Finland with the abundance of woods found in the forest which will not affect the balance of the natural environment and make good furniture pieces.

Clean Lines

The best part of a dining table in Finland is the sleekness and smoothness of the furniture that sets it apart from other styles, with excellent quality of craftsmanship the tables and tops contain zero-file lines making the spaces look clean and organized.

The Minimal and Muted Colour Palette

The tones picked for Finnish furniture is always light-toned and minimal with lighter hues around the corners making the spaces less populated and organized. Over are the days when the dark interior was a part of the world.

The cosy and Inviting Atmosphere

With everything sorted minimally, the furniture gives cosy vibes and increases happy hormones, as dark colours often reflect energy, and light colours reflect peace and happiness hence making the environment pleasing.

Sources of Inspiration for Finnish Interior Design


Nature is the best gift to humans, Finland is full of birch wood which is used in the making of light and soft sleek furniture, the source of inspiration for such colour combinations of the Finnish interior is the land and the natural shades found in the nature of Scandinavia.

Local Culture

The people there are fond of classic pieces and try to find a piece in their residences, this is the reason their homes are minimal and clean with no extra decoration and a populated interior.

Popular Finnish interior design trends

Open Concept Design

To keep the space minimal and open, Finnish interior trends are followed for years as they give open air to the space to breathe through the light colour palette making the space look wide and airy.

Natural Lighting

Windows and glasses when reflected on the Finnish interior illuminate the space and enhance the finishing of the rooms.

Sustainable Design

Sustainability is the major trend followed nowadays and Finnish furniture is what gives you longevity due to the ability of the craftsmanship to create pieces that won’t break or degrade over time with less care provided.


From its muted colour palette to its use of natural materials, Finnish interior design is a timeless aesthetic that has been embraced by generations of Finns and is now beginning to gain recognition around the world. By exploring the uniqueness of Finnish interior design, we can gain a better understanding of this beautiful and unique style.