Which Industries Hire a Freelance Translator?

The services of a translator can be utilised in almost all industries. When you establish an organisation, you may have to expand your wings in different regions and countries. Some of the companies would be globally placed, and with the help of translators, it becomes extremely easy for them to carry out all the transactions.

If you cannot afford to have a team of full-time translators, you might as well look forward to work with the freelance translators who can come handy to you immediately and also at an affordable rate. Through this article, let us quickly learn more about some of the most important industries where there are huge requirements for translators.

1. Research industry

There could be a lot of research papers and technical write-ups that require translation from one language to the other in order to publish them. It becomes humanely impossible for an individual to work on all the languages. Hiring translators that are proficient in different kinds of languages become useful during this point in time.

2. Travel and tourism industry

Travel and tourism industry are probably one of the major sectors which open up a lot of opportunities for translators. Engaging the tourists and helping them understand the various attraction and sites that are part of your country in their language can really be helpful to them.

You might as well find opportunities to publish that travelogue in their language and also come up with the documentary and other kinds of writings as well.

3. Writers and authors

A lot of writers and authors do also hire services from translators. Some of the bestselling books might require translation from one language to the other in order to appeal to the local audience. The job can be carried out only by a qualified translator, and this is yet another industry where you as a translator can render your services without any hassles

4. Copywriting agencies

There are a lot of media houses and publishers that take up several assignments related to copywriting. The role of translators becomes extremely important in these areas. The documents that are written in the native language are required to be translated into a target language or vice versa.

The translators would be qualified enough to use all the tools, and thus they can be deployed to work immediately.

5. Publishing houses


There are a lot of publishers who would take the contract from the writers and authors to get the journals or any other sort of write-ups to be translated from one language to the other according to the requirement of the client. The role of a translator here becomes essential as they would be able to deliver the services without any flaws.

6. United Nation organisation

One of the most reputed organisations in the world is the United Nations organisation. This is an organisation where there would be a lot of requirements for translators. Finding a job in this place can be really secure and also getting a project from a reputed organisation like this can also increase your credibility as a translator.

7. NGOs

A globally reputed NGO would always be looking forward to shaking their hands with translators. NGOs go to places where people can hardly speak any other language apart from the native language. As a translator, if you are proficient in that local language, it becomes extremely helpful for those NGOs to collaborate with you. This is another industry where you can find an ample amount of opportunities for translation services.

8. Film industry

Movies made in one language do have a lot of scopes to get remade in a lot of other languages. During such a phase, the script is required to be completely translated from the source language to the target language. The role translator becomes crucial to the film industry people as they would be modifying the entire script and translating that into the language as per the requirement.

9. Educational institutions


A lot of International schools are coming up these days. Students from various countries get admitted to these schools and languages at times can become a barrier. A freelance translator comes handy during this point in time, and they would be efficient enough to translate the subjects in a language which can be understood by the children easily. With this, educating people becomes extremely easier.

10. Medicine

Doctors also require the help of translators when they are treating patients that belong to different places. Making the patient understand the kind of problems they are going through in their languages are much easier than trying to communicate with them in a language that is alien to them. A majority of corporate hospitals these days do hire the services of translators in order to keep the patients comfortable.

These are some of the industries that every translator can look forward to associating themselves with. When there are so many opportunities in the areas of translation, don’t you think you must also try your luck once?