One of the most overlooked items for cleaning are watches and jewelry, and these can often be the items that are exposed to the most, think sweat, sunscreen, moisturizers, dirt, and everything else.

1. Stainless Steel Watch

To clean a stainless steel watch, use a soft microfibre cloth to remove excess dust and dirt, followed by lukewarm soapy water.

Although highly durable, stainless steel watches can easily begin to look dull and even be subject to rush over long periods of time. To keep your watch looking shiny and functioning it’s important to engage in special cleaning to remove dirt and grime.

2. Leather Strap Watch

To clean a leather strap watch, remove the strap, clean, wash and condition the watch strap.

Leather watch straps require special attention, as, unlike stainless steel watches, leather watch straps absorb sweat and dirt, and can be sensitive to liquids. The process used in cleaning stainless steel watches is not suitable for leather straps because soaking these kinds of watches and drying them, can actually be what causes them to crack and break.

As well as the more thorough cleaning processes, it can also keep your watch clean and long-lasting by lightly cleaning your watch with a soft clean cloth before bed to remove any excess dirt or moisture that has built up during the day.

For those extra stubborn stains or marks, after you’ve scrubbed your strap with a toothbrush, address these marks with a little bit of baking soda, either directly onto the strap or onto a toothbrush. Give the watch a once-over before rinsing off and drying.

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