How to Dress Like a Millionaire

You do not have to own everything to look like a millionaire. Most people take what they have for granted; whether you are known to have nothing or less, you can always come out looking like you have everything, no matter your income.

Below are steps to help you come out like one of those renowned millionaires you know.

Home Storage and Cleaning

You can start with what you have by:

  • Getting your clothes cleaned at home-There are many home dry cleaning kits where you wash your clothes without spending money. You can dry clean even to the oldest of your clothes and still come out neatly done. Doing so protects your fabric from being damaged by heat or water, unlike the traditional way of cleaning. It also removes stubborn stains, thus making your clothes look neat and new all the time.
  • Iron your clothes- Freshly ironed clothes look excellent, clean, grippy, and tidy. You only need a pure iron, an ironing board, and a bit of water in a bottle spray, some iron boxes have water to spray along too. It is quicker and easier than you think.
  • If you have denim clothes, you don’t have to wash them every time you wear them. You can, instead, wash them only when the dirt is visible, say after wearing 3-4 times. This keeps them looking good for years.

Brush Your Hair and Maintain Body Hygiene

Well maintained body hygiene will make you look like a millionaire. It is effortless to keep up with, as much as it is important. Brushing your hair should be done frequently, tweaking your eyebrows, brushing your teeth at least 2 times a day, and using a good perfume.

It is about being put together, set aside five to ten minutes out of your schedule to comb your hair again, redo the perfume, and clear dirt on your shoes.

Wear What Makes You Feel Good!

For you to possess that millionaire status, you need to show confidence; this can be in an outfit that makes you feel good. It could even portray a flattery figure over you. Wearing clothes that make you feel good, especially if you want to dress like you won a lottery can positively affect your self-esteem and emotional being. Consider the following factors when choosing your clothes as they greatly affect your mood.

  • Color- Different colors can affect your emotions; dull colors tend to make us timid, while bright colors give us much confidence. If a particular color makes you feel good, then be sure that it will boost your confidence level. When choosing the color of your clothes, pick the one that minimizes the impact on your complexions, like shoes and other accessories, or mixed up with colors. Always remember that wearing colors you love is an excellent way to making you feel marvelous.
  • Comfort- A pair of heels can make you feel right about your leg line. However, flat shoes can also make you feel good by cradling your feet. Focus on clothing that will boost you physically, generally making you feel good.
  • Pattern- Solid colors for both shoes and clothes can be soothing; if you need an energy boost to make you look like a millionaire, go for the likes of florals, plaid, dots, and stripes. Pattern mixing is fun, throw a single pattern into your design to lift your spirits.

Bottom Line

Always leave your dream life as if you are the only one in it; no one has control over how you live your life. Dreaming of being a millionaire and portraying the millionaire in you are different things. Being conscious of how you dress goes a long way in strengthening that millionaire attitude. The good news is that you don’t have to break an arm and a leg to achieve that look, applying the tips above will work just fine.

People will address you in the manner in which you appear. Become your dream today, and live like a real millionaire