Easy Ways to Include Camo In Your Wardrobe

Military Prints, or Camouflage prints as we know them, have ruled the runways and filled our closets since decades. In fact, military camouflage and fashion have always been interconnected. Whether it is their comfort and functionality or the edgy vibes they have, camo clothing has always fascinated the fashion world. This is why year after year you see these prints used in different ways in fashion shows and on streets. But you can’t wear these designer runway outfits to your office or your friend’s party. So, how do you include this latest trend in your everyday life? Here are a few easy and chic ways of bringing camo prints to your closet this season.

T-Shirts With Camo Print

No matter which print or style you choose, a T-shirt is one of those wardrobe essentials that are pretty hard to mess up! This is why, T-shirts are the easiest way to get used to the perennial camo print in your closet! Camo prints are often attention-grabbing and dominant. So, pair them with classic neutrals like black and white to ensure they remain the highlight of your wardrobe but in a subtle way. Also, it’s always a good idea to go logo-free with camo prints. These prints are so chaotic in nature that adding bold branding to them may end up looking messy.

Camo Print In Underwear

Who says you can only wear camo prints in jackets and t-shirts? These prints look just as amazing on a camo bra set as they do on a jacket. In fact, camo prints in underwear is quite the trend these days. The bold designs and cool colors of camo prints go well with underwear themes. Plus, wearing these prints gives a strong and edgy feel. Hence, many women find it empowering and liberating to wear camo prints in undergarments. Modern designers have also included these prints in their underwear collection to make them more accessible and popular in everyday lives.

Trousers and Cargo Pants

Other than T-shirts, pants and trousers are the most common and easy way to include these prints in your wardrobe. Camo print trousers are in fact, quite popular in both men’s and women’s fashion. The laidback yet functional nature of camo prints works perfectly with the cargo pants and trouser designs. It looks at once casual and tactical. Camo prints often give the feeling of attentiveness and command. So, for those who want to tone down the edgy feel, wearing camo in casual pants or trousers is a good way of including the design in your closet without overdoing it.

Camo Jackets, Hoodies, and Coats

For most people camo prints are synonymous with outdoors and nature. Hence, camo prints have always dominated the outdoor clothing fashion. And jackets and hoodies in camo prints are the best way to show off this edgy print in style! These jackets and hoodies look amazing if you’re going for a picnic or camping in the wilderness. The outdoorsy look and rough and tough vibes of these clothes gives you the perfect glamping look. But even for everyday wear, camo jackets and coats make for a great fashion statement! Also, camo print overalls and coats give you a masculine look that is naturally charming.

Premium Camo Lingerie

While camo has been used in outerwear for a long time now, using it in innerwear is also gaining popularity in the fashion markets. Premium innerwear and lingerie sets with camo prints have become trendy and chic in the current fashion. Adding colorful lace to camo prints is a great way to bring your favorite prints in your closets. Perfect for gifts and personal buys, camo lingerie can bring you the feeling of confidence and independence. Whether you want to indulge your wild side or go for something sexy yet unique, camo lingerie is the perfect option.

Sportswear and Rainwear

Sportswear is mainly designed for activity and movement. It is similar to the military style in that it requires functionality, movement, and flowing design. Camo prints already have that military look. Plus, they are also associated with heavy outdoor activity and tactical clothing styles. Hence, using camo prints in sportswear designs makes the perfect sense. So, the next time you’re buying sportswear for exercise, consider going for camo prints. It looks great and makes you feel confident and worthy too. Also, latest fashion trends dictate a widespread use of camo prints in rainwear and beachwear too.

Camouflage Accessories

Other than clothing, camo prints are making waves in the fashion accessories market. Camo print bags, wallets, backpacks, and travel bags are quite the rage nowadays. Known for their active outdoorsy nature and functional style, camo accessories look great no matter where you use them. You can use them while traveling or office and they’ll look equally chic in both scenarios. Completely functional and tactical, camo accessories make for the perfect accompaniments to your outfit.

Camo prints were initially designed to conceal and hide. However, the fashion world re-invented them to become bold and functional style icons. Today, instead of hiding, camo prints make you uniquely visible and give you the confidence to stand out in a crowd. Having camo prints in your outfit is a great way to make a bold statement.