How to Wear Leggings and Have a Luxury-looking Outfit

Rather than looking like you’re about to start your gym workout, you can look chic and pulled together wearing leggings.

No wardrobe is complete without a pair of simple black leggings. Although when you think about leggings you may associate them with comfort and gym workouts, there are different styles and uses which can make leggings great for different occasions.

As we have seen in recent years, leggings are a multi purpose item that can be also used casually or as a fashion statement.

Even luxury brands of leggings are proliferated and many stylish celebrities have gotten in on this comfort trend.

Therefore, don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t wear leggings in your daily life for different purposes, you do not have to sacrifice style over comfort. Still, figuring out how to style leggings for different occasions can be a little difficult.

Read on for inspired ways you can have a luxury legging look without feeling like being dressed down.

First things first: choosing the right fabric and model

Leggings come in numerous fabrics and stylish prints, or even adorned with considering detailing. With this wide variety of fabrics and styles, leggings look good on almost all body types and can be used on multiple occasions.

There are spandex, shiny, neutral or patterned fabrics, just to name a few. The occasion and time of the day will determine the type of leggings you should choose.

For instance, if you are going to an evening event, you should wear a pair of leggings with bright and bold colours. Also, spandex leggings can be a suitable choice for a disco night wear. They come in shiny metallic colours.

On the other hand, for a chic evening ensemble or stylish winter outfit, you can opt for a pair of slick leggings, they look like they are made of leather but they’re actually a far more stretchy and comfortable alternative.

Layering leggings under dresses and oversize sweaters

Women of all sizes can look styled in leggings. They can make their curves very appealing to the eye and increase confidence to show their body while feeling comfortable.

Still, if you are a plus size – or not – and think that wearing leggings may be too revealing, you can wear a dress or a sweater with some extra length as a smart move. It’s an effective way to dress for comfort but also look fashionable. Leggings work best when they act as a base for other clothes.

Complete your luxury legging look with the right shoes and accessories

Paired with the right shoes, you can turn your outfit from daytime elegance to a luxury look for a night out. The trick is to play with different styles: instead of athletic trainers, choose other kinds of shoes – depending on your personal preference – for the perfect chic touch.

If you’re off to evening drinks, you can dress up your favorite leggings by pairing them with knee-high boots that elongate the legs and lend some edge (explore some of Ariana Grande’s iconic looks and you’ll find some inspiration, they are surprisingly easy to pull off!)

Leggings are super versatile and suitable for almost any kind of shoe, yet, remember to avoid shoes with ankle straps, they do not go well with them.

Finally, finish your outfit with a shiny shoulder bag or clutch and (why not?) a great hat, it will inject an extra dose of style into your look.

Quality means more than you think

If you are going to get a new pair of leggings for having a luxury and stylish outfit, ensure that they are not see-through. That’s why you must invest in quality. The money you’ll spend is well worth it for the sharp, well-fitted look you’ll get out of it.

Aso, it may seem obvious, but make sure your leggings fit well. Try staying true to size or even sizing down so that they don’t become too loose as time wears on.