Luxury Replica Watches On the Rise Watch Out!

If you’re out there looking for a luxury watch, you need to be a little bit more cautious, as replicas have become the order of the day in the market. People admire to have that eye-catching look of a luxury watch, however, only a few of them are ready to pay the price. As a result, they end up purchasing a fake item. 

But if you’re ready to place your cash in a top-quality timepiece, the least you’d want is to fall for a clever copycat. 

To help you avoid such, we’ve come up with some go-to tips you can consult. With proper research and a keen eye, you’ll not be fooled into buying replicas, and you’ll purchase the watch you’ve always wanted to have. 

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The Materials

Quality watches are usually made using luxury materials, and although you’ll find a couple of replicas fitted with finer materials, most of them are just imitated leather and metal. In your deep search look for the following: 

  • Genuine gold, 18k – Hallmarks with 750 or 18ct. 
  • Genuine platinum, which is usually 950 hallmark. 
  • Genuine titanium, usually Grade 5 – a bit hard to determine. 
  • Genuine leather. 
  • Stainless steel, 316L, can be higher, again it’s not easy to determine. 
  • Genuine gemstones. 
  • Genuine diamonds. 

Luxury watches are not only about the superb materials, there’s still more. You need to as well look at the way the timepiece is packaged, and it must be made of quality materials. Evaluate the sharpness of the printing on the marketing material. 

The Weight

To avoid spending more on manufacturing, the makers of replica watches usually use cheap materials, whose weight is usually less than the genuine ones. Hold the watch in your hands noting that only fakes ones are lighter. It won’t be clean and sharp, even though there’s a screw or a connection. 

Luxury watches usually have hand-finishing, and this is an expensive and time-consuming process. Replicas on the other hand are usually rough around the edges as you feel them, and they’ve got a couple of irregularities. It’s difficult for any to copy the classy finishing of luxury watches. 


A lot of luxury watch brands use complex internal mechanics that enhance the movements of their products. Components used here are expensive, so it’s rare for replicas to imitate them. Most fake brands depend on batteries to drive their components and this creates a huge difference. For example, you may at times observe the watch ticking, while instead it’s supposed to be gliding smoothly around the dial. 


The dial printing of luxury items is often difficult to copy-cut and this favors you since with careful examination of the faces you’ll spot a fake watch. Fonts are key identifying features for luxury brands, and if you understand the font of specific brands then you’ll eliminate anything fake. 

Pick an image of the genuine luxury watch you want and compare everything with whatever you see in the market. Here’s what you can use to tell a replica watch: 

  • Incorrect logos. 
  • The unequal spacing of letters. 
  • Crooked text. 
  • Any spelling errors. 
  • Sloppy fonts. 

One example is Cartier that uses the name as part of the button. However, you need to be super detail-focused to spot this. 

Must-Have Guide to Luxury Watches


The engravings on the watch can be used to judge its authenticity. Serial and model numbers are usually placed on luxury watches, with solid and fine lines. The serial numbers on replicas are usually made of tiny dots, and they have a sandy appearance. 

To verify further, you can confirm the serial number of the timepiece. Every luxury watch usually has a unique serial number, however, you’ll find that most replicas have similar serial numbers with others because placing different ones on every one of them costs much more and is time-consuming. Begin by searching for the serial number online. if you find several watches listed with similar serial numbers then those are replicas. Watches without serial numbers are fake ones too. 

Date Windows

Here’s another detail you mustn’t miss while establishing a genuine luxury watch from a replica: a replica has glass placed on its date window, and you know glass can be scratched with ease. Jumping to genuine luxury timepieces, they’re covered with sapphire crystal, which is difficult to scratch and lasts long. Still, the crystal is well shaped to magnify the tiny numbers marking the date, and they can be read easily. Date windows made of glass have no magnification properties, meaning the numbers appear smaller and are harder to read. 

The “Frankenwatch”

Some replica watches are carelessly assembled from different luxury watches, and that’s why they’ve been branded the name “Frankenwatches.” For example, the face may be that of a genuine Rolex, whereas the mechanics are from other manufacturers. Such replicas are difficult to detect. The best thing you can do is purchase from a trusted dealer who sells authentic timepieces.