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How to Create the Perfect Home Office Space

Have you been working from home for the last several months, and aren’t sure when you’ll return to the office? Working from home has its perks — you can wear pyjamas all day long and write those reports from the comfort of the couch. However, working from home also has its downsides. Without the proper space, furniture, and equipment, you might suffer from a lack of productivity and motivation. 

Before you settle into the couch for another eight-hour workday, you’ll want to reconsider your home office situation to optimize your time. We’ve created a list of creative and useful ideas for your home office space that will enhance productivity and your overall wellbeing.

Get A Comfortable Chair

First things first: you need a comfortable chair. While you might love the coziness of the couch, it’s for lounging, not for working. Couches are typically soft and are unhealthy for your back. Is it difficult for you to get up after a long day of slouching over the computer? Does your back hurt for no reason? You’re not giving your back the seat it deserves. It doesn’t matter if you’re working at the kitchen table or a proper office desk, as long as you have a suitable chair that will support your body. Consider investing in an ergonomic chair. They provide incredible support, and help reduce any back pain you might have. Leave the sofa for binge-watching your favourite series. 

Build a Sunroom Addition

Did you know that natural light provides incredible physical and mental health benefits? It’s loaded with vitamin D and vital nutrients. Natural sunlight helps regulate sleep patterns, decreases anxiety and depression symptoms, and can increase your energy level. Getting enough natural sunlight can be a challenge when you’re working inside your home 24-7. Have you ever considered installing a sunroom addition to your house and using it as your home office?

Sunrooms are the ideal space to work out of because of how bright they are, any time of year. You could enjoy all of the wonders of your natural surroundings without even having to step outside your house. Just imagine working while gazing outside at the beautiful backyard, soaking up warm sun rays all day long. Furthermore, houseplants thrive in sunrooms because of the abundance of natural light. By placing a few luscious plants in your new sunroom office space, you’ll create a luxurious, healthy vibe that will make you never want to leave.

Create an Office Nook

If you live in a smaller apartment or house, you’re looking for creative ways to make an office out of limited space. Find an empty part of the house to build a tiny office space. Consult with a local carpenter, contracting company or just install acoustic office screens to get the perfect office nook of your dreams. Decorate it with inspirational artwork and bright colours to encourage you through those tough days. 

Get comfortable, find a bright spot to feel motivated, and make sure the space in your house is just for you. While working feels quite different than it did a year ago, you can make the most of it at home.