Men’s Fall 2020 Fashion Tips

Summer is almost over. Did you notice it happening? Probably not, because we’ve all been stuck indoors for almost all of it. It’s not been the best year so far, and we won’t even bother to pretend otherwise, but there’s cause for optimism as the year heads into the back straight. Fall is approaching, and as we’re all allowed to go outdoors and see people a lot more than we were a month or two ago, we have more opportunities to show off our wardrobe. Our summer clothes are going to have to be packed away again, but that’s a good excuse to go out and get a new one.
Having decided that now is the right time to renovate your look, the question is one of what to go for. What’s the right look for the season ahead, and what should be left on the shelves? These are difficult decisions to make, but fortunately for you, you’ve found our website, and you’ve landed on this page. We’ve been casting our eye over what’s hot and what’s not for fall 2020, and we’re glad to say that we think the classics are going to be firmly back ‘in.’ As is always the case with fashion, though, those classics come with a twist – so here’s what you should be buying, and how you should be wearing it!

Double Denim Is Back

Yes, you read that correctly. Double denim is firmly back on the agenda as a fashion choice. The same look that we once laughed at 1980s country music stars for trying to maintain throughout the 1990s is back in vogue once more, and everyone’s jumping aboard the trend. We have no idea how long this revival will last, or how ridiculous we might look in family photographs twenty years from now if we’re pictured wearing it, but for now, it’s the right thing to do. Let’s go with the chaos and embrace it. We don’t know how or why this started – English soccer club Manchester City are getting the credit in some quarters, which is the strangest thing we’ve read all year – but we do know how to wear it. The key is not to wear the exact same shade of denim on your top and bottom. Consider black jeans with a blue denim shirt, or the other way round. In fact, pair almost any shade of denim with blue jeans, and you’ll be fine. Wear your denim shirt open with a neutral-colored t-shirt, and you’ll nail this surprising trend.

Tuxedos Are In As Evening Dress

Last year, we discovered that more and more wedding parties are turning their backs on the tuxedo for their special day. That news must briefly have been concerning for the people who design and make tuxedos, but they needn’t have worried. Tuxedos might be out at weddings, but they’re making a comeback at other formal occasions. Black tie dinner venues are now full of men in tuxedos. A tuxedo is a fine choice for a night at a theater or a high-end casino. Perhaps we should even consider thanking the invention of online slots for this change. When casinos moved onto the internet, and online slots were invented, traditional casinos briefly appeared to be behind the times because of their dress code requirements. As people have adjusted to playing online slots for convenience from their own homes, though, they’ve started treating a night at a real casino as a bigger deal. They play online slots at home in their shorts and vests, but turn up dressed to the nines at real-world casinos. You might not get as many opportunities to wear a tuxedo as you will with some of our other fashion choices, but you’ll turn plenty of heads when you do. Consider a colored bow tie for maximum effect.

Comfortable Corduroy

The last time corduroy was fashionable was the 1970s. Your grandfather might still have been attempting to persuade your grandmother to go out with him for a date, or your parents may just have met. You might even subconsciously associate corduroy with the smell of bourbon, and jazz music. In what we’re going to describe as an even more surprising comeback than double denim, corduroy has returned to the fashion world of the living. There are even people making entire suits out of the material, and persuading people to wear them. We’re not sure we’d go as far as signing off on the idea of a corduroy suit for the office, because they get extremely uncomfortable if they’re too tight and you get too hot, but a baggy corduroy jacket is an excellent choice as casual wear. Baggy is the way to go with corduroy in general, get a loose pair of trousers to go with them. Skinny corduroy is itchy and restrictive. Baggy corduroy is cool. Just bear in mind that cleaning can be a difficult task, and staining is an issue.

The All Red Look

Remember what the White Stripes looked like when they first emerged onto the music scene in the early 2000s? Apparently, that’s now considered a look to die for. We’ve been told for years that dressing from head to toe in the same color was a terrible idea, but now the world’s biggest-name fashion designers have apparently changed their minds on the issue. Gucci, Armani, and Tom Ford have all recently been showing off all-red looks for their autumn and winter collections, and three fashion houses with names and reputations like that can’t all be wrong. The best thing about this is that it permits you a lot of freedom. It almost doesn’t matter what you wear so long as all of it is red. You could even combine this idea with some of the advice we’ve outlined above. What’s to stop you from finding some red denim, for example, or even some red corduroy if you’re feeling particularly expressive? Soft red is the way to go, though. You don’t want to step out of the house looking like a fire hydrant.

We’ve also seen some suggestions that leather is back in a big way, but we’re not totally sold on that idea yet. We’re going to adopt a ‘wait and see’ policy on leather and see if it catches on or not. It’ll always be a great material for making jackets, but we’ve never been convinced that leather trousers are practical and we’re not going to be swayed on that matter for now! For everything else we’ve outlined above, though, it’s a green light to go and grab it. Ignore your instincts, grab plenty of denim, and stay ahead of the curve!