Most Amazing U.S. Ski Resorts Perfect for the Holidays

It’s winter again and one of the best sports during this time is skiing. It is a great exercise that people of all ages could actually enjoy. Apart from being a great sport, you also get to enjoy majestic sceneries as you do it as most slopes are located in mountainous areas with great views.

Since ski resorts are often located quite far from the cities, you also get to enjoy quiet time and breathe fresh air, especially if you are on vacation and trying to get away from the busyness of everyday life.

Skiing is also the perfect holiday if you are spending it with a large group of people, whether they are your family or friends. If you are looking into skiing during the holiday season, we compiled the best U.S. ski resorts for you.

Aspen Mountain in Colorado

Aspen is a popular ski area in the United States, particularly situated in Pitkin County, Colorado. Aspen Mountains are just north of Aspen City. The ski area in Aspen expands to about 5,000 acres, divided into four different sectors, which allows you to ski in various types of terrains.

The large area also helps prevent the ski areas to be overcrowded. Skiing may be fun, but it could be dangerous in several circumstances, especially when people get piled up along the slopes.

It is best to visit the area from December to February, because the slopes are in best condition during this time of the year. But people can still visit Aspen year-round, even during the summer, as most people long for cold weather in warmer months. If you want to experience the area with less people, you can visit during Autumn from September to November.

What’s great about Aspen, apart from the views and the slopes, is that most people who visit the area are from Hollywood. So you may bump into your favorite star when you are there.

Allegheny Mountains, West Virginia

West Virginia is surrounded by mountainous terrains, making the state one of the most sought-after locations for skiing. There are plenty of west Virginia ski resorts because the state is mainly surrounded by Appalachian Mountain Range, which consists of various slopes that are perfect for both beginners and experts.

Some of the ski resorts in West Virginia are Snowshoe Ski Resort, Winter Place Ski Resort, Glade Springs West Virginia Ski Resort, Canaan Valley Ski Resort,
Oglebay West Virginia Ski Resort, among others.

The Snowshoe Ski Resort offers a little over 240 acres of skiing area from a total of 11,000 acres that the resort covers. Meanwhile, Winter Place Ski Resort is a great option for families because their slopes are suitable for children below 12 years old.

Apart from skiing, you could enjoy other amenities in these ski resorts in West Virginia. You can dine, dip into the pool or soak in a hot tub, which is perfect for the weather in the area.

Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe, Nevada

Located in Washoe County, Nevada, Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe is one of the greatest options for a ski trip when you are in the area. It is accessible from Reno, the airport or even in the Lake Tahoe area. Mt. Rose is part of the Carson Range of Nevada and is one of the highest mountains in the state, but despite having it on the name of the ski resort, the resort itself is not on the mountain itself. The resort’s slopes are actually part of Slide Mountain.

You get to enjoy the awesome panoramic views of the mountain range within the area when you bring your family here and enjoy your ski trip.

Whiteface Mountain Ski Resort, New York

This ski resort is located in Wilmington, New York and is one of the best ski resorts in the state. It is located on Adirondack Mountain’s Whiteface Mountain. The view is spectacular as it is also near Lake Placid.

The resort has also hosted several important events such as the Winter Olympics in 1980. You could actually visit the Olympic Museum in the area. If you are going skiing, the daily rate of lift ticket is around $96. It is better to schedule your holiday ski with family during non-peak seasons or weekdays because the resort offers discounts during these times.

For beginners, there are ski lessons available in the area. Other activities you might want to consider are bobsledding and gondola riding.

It also caters to other events such as weddings, where you can actually hold your ceremony at the summit of the mountain

Mt. Baker Ski Area, Washington

This skiing spot is located in Glacier, Washington, which is also popular for one of the ski resorts in the entire world that gets more snow than others. The typical snowfall in the area is around 640 inches.

The resort is open from Mondays to Saturdays. There are several slopes within the area that offer different difficulties, which are perfect for all types of visitors.

Mt. Baker Ski Area is accessible as it is just located at the end of U.S. Route 542. Apart from great slopes, you also get to bask in the spectacular view of Mt. Shuksan.

Deer Valley Resort, Utah

Utah is often associated with the Grand Canyon, but did you know that there are over 2,000 acres of skiable terrains in the area?

Deer Valley Resort is located in Park City, Utah and offers great accommodation offers and ski services that are perfect for families or a certain group of people. The resort is often the location of major ski events, including the Winter Olympics in 2002. Though it is often a spot for major winter sports, snowboarding is prohibited in the area. It is one of the few resorts in the United States that prohibits snowboarding. But a nearby resort actually allows the sport.

Apart from providing great amenities, this resort is also one of the largest ski resorts in the United States.

These are just a few ski resorts in the United States that you may want to consider this coming holiday. There are plenty of ski resorts around the country, and it is better to plan ahead to avoid any problems, especially that these resorts are expecting more guests than usual because of the upcoming holidays.