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Debunking The 7 Myths About Eyelash Extensions

From adding volume to your eyes to enhancing your overall beauty, eyelash extensions are in demand and are gaining immense popularity in the beauty industry.

However, many women doubt the safety and quality of fake lashes and often feel hesitant to book appointment to get those glam lashes.

You may have heard some misconceptions about eyelash extensions, but have you ever wondered whether or not these are true?

Well, no worries!

Herein, we are busting 7 common myths about eyelash extensions:


Many women believe that getting eyelash extensions is a painful and uncomfortable process.

However, if the procedure is performed carefully by a beauty professional, it won’t hurt you, at all. 

The whole process is simple and relaxing. You will hardly feel anything; you can even listen to music or enjoy short naps while getting them installed.

Avoid getting it done from inexperienced lash artists. 

Damages natural lashes

This is the most common myth and is absolutely false.

If placed properly, lash extensions will not ruin your natural lashes.

Moreover, the lash extensions fall out naturally, so there is no concern about pulling or breaking your natural lashes.

Eyelash extensions can be worn daily without causing any damage to your natural lashes.

Pro tip: Make sure that eyelash extensions are not too heavy else it can damage your natural lashes.

Requires high maintenance

It is important to take good care of your lash extensions to make them survive for a longer period but that doesn’t mean you can’t touch them or you avoid wearing eye makeup.

Eyelash extensions are highly durable, meaning you can use make-up and touch your eyes without any fear. 

However, brush and clean your extensions once a day to keep them long-lasting. 

You can’t wash your extensions

This is not true at all!

Getting lash extensions doesn’t mean you can’t swim or wash your face.

Many lash experts actually suggest keeping your extensions clean and healthy.

In fact, eyelash extensions should be washed regularly, else these will become a breeding ground for the bacteria and may fall out earlier.

However, just wait for 24 hours before you do all of that.

All eyelash extensions are the same

Eyelash extensions are not “one size fits all”.

Different eye shapes require different lash extensions. There is a vast variety of styles and thicknesses available for your lash extensions.

Before getting them, consult your stylist about your desired look and choose the most suitable lash extension while considering your natural lash, eye shape, and face.

You can peel them off 

This is a big NO-NO!

Like false eyelashes, you cannot just peel off lash extensions.

Removing the extensions on your own is a big risk and can damage your hair follicles. It’s advisable to request an eyelash specialist to take away the extensions safely with the right tools.

Mascara can be used on lash extensions

Eye products like mascara can damage your lashes as it dissolves the glue on your extensions and is hard to clean off. 

And why apply mascara when extensions already have their own charming effect, right? 

However, if you still want to apply mascara to make your extensions look fuller and thicker, use eye products that are water-based or are very light.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, your confusion surrounding eyelash extensions is resolved. 

Do know that eyelash extensions can make you look confident as a superwoman! 

It’s recommended to consult a stylist to enjoy the most wonderful experience and have beautiful glam eyes.

So what are you thinking ladies? Book your appointment now!