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A List of Natural Things You Can Do for Better, Younger-Looking, and Healthier Skin

All of us have goals when it comes to skincare, and while some goals may vary, we all want to have essentially the same thing: skin that looks and feels good and skin that is healthy and radiates wellness and a beautiful glow. But if you are in pursuit of the best and most radiant skin, you may be aware of various skincare routines, products, and treatments that all purport to be the best. Although some of these routines, products, and treatments can be beneficial, you can still use products like natural beauty spray and sunscreen to achieve smoother, younger-looking, and healthier skin. So what are these natural ways for better skin? Let’s find out.

1. Look for the best sunscreen – and use it every day

First of all, wear sunscreen every single day. It’s a non-negotiable element for beautiful skin. UV radiation is undeniably carcinogenic, and even if you don’t want to think about skin cancer, just think about your looks. UV rays can cause distinct changes in the skin’s colour and texture, and if you want to protect your skin from harmful rays, look for a sunscreen that is mineral-based and with active ingredients such as titanium oxide or zinc oxide. Make sure that it’s about SPF 30, and apply your sunscreen prior to applying makeup.

2. Don’t forget to exfoliate

Exfoliation is another natural thing you can do for better skin, and it doesn’t mean making use of a harsh cloth or scrub, either. You can exfoliate your skin lightly with either a non-irritating toner or cleanser, which can dissolve dead skin cells on the skin’s surface. Once this outer layer of dead skin cells is removed, it can increase the rate of absorption for skincare products and thereby lead to a better and brighter complexion.

3. Eat healthy fats

We’ve all heard of healthy fats, but what are they, really? Well, you can often see healthy fats in foods such as nuts, seafood, and grains like flaxseed, and they can replenish the ability of the body to create strong and healthy cell membranes. These membranes, in turn, can help protect your skin against damage from the environment as they restore the barrier of the skin. If you don’t eat enough healthy fats, your hair and your skin can become dry. Other foods high in healthy fats include olive oil, whole eggs, and chia seeds.

4. Know when to apply your skincare products

The proper skincare products will definitely contribute to better skin, but you need to know when to apply them. The best time to apply skincare products (such as moisturisers, creams, and serums with anti-ageing and skin rejuvenating properties from SkinCeuticals) is right after showering or bathing. Apply your moisturiser right after you shower or bathe, and this can help seal in the moisture. Remember this, it’s much easier to maintain healthy skin rather than try to deal with or heal skin that is already dry, unhealthy, or inflamed.

5. Eat foods that are rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants are undeniably one of your best friends when it comes to proper skincare, and while you can use skincare products rich in antioxidants, you can do more by eating foods that are rich in these as well. The rule is simple: the more colourful they are, the better. Examples include dark and leafy vegetables, berries, and – best of all – dark chocolate.